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New to Resumonk?

You can convert your LinkedIn profile to a beautiful resume/CV using Resumonk in minutes. Just follow the simple steps listed below.

Once the conversion is complete, you can also select the best template/design for your resume, change its font & color and download it in PDF or DOCX format as a premium user.

Convert your Linkedin Profile to a beautiful resume/CV

LinkedIn provides the complete profile data in a ZIP file and it only takes a few minutes to download it. Resumonk can convert this ZIP file to an impressive resume automatically.

Step 1: Download your complete LinkedIn profile as a ZIP file

  1. Click here to access the 'Download your data' page in your LinkedIn account.
    In case you are not signed in to your account, you'll be shown the LinkedIn Sign Up page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the 'Already on LinkedIn? Sign in' link there. After entering your credentials, you'll be taken to the 'Download your data' page directly.
  2. Select 'Download larger data archive, including connections, contacts, and your account history' option.

    Note: LinkedIn will show this message - "Your download will be ready in about 24 hours". Please don't worry about it. They export the complete dataset in two parts. The first part has the profile information that is usually made available in approximately 10 minutes itself.

    Download LinkedIn Data
  3. Click on 'Request archive' button. Request LinkedIn Data Archive
  4. You'll be asked to enter your LinkedIn account password again. Once you do that, this message will be shown - 'We will send you an email when your download is ready'. Keep this LinkedIn page open in the browser
  5. Within a few minutes, you should get an email from LinkedIn on your registered email address with them. The subject line would be 'The first installment of your LinkedIn data archive is ready!'

    Note: In our experience this email typically comes within 10 minutes or so. May be time enough to make your favorite cuppa or check out your favorite news site. :-).

    Just in case you don't see this email in your Inbox after 10 minutes, please proceed to the next step. At times, the download is ready but LinkedIn fails to send the email.

  6. You can refresh that LinkedIn page again and you'll see the 'Download archive' button there. Click on it to save the zip file on your computer. The name of the zip file would be '' where MM-DD-YYYY is today's date. Download LinkedIn Data Archive

Step 2: Upload your saved LinkedIn ZIP file below

Important: Resumonk doesn't store this zip file on its servers.

Please note that this zip file also has information like your connections, contacts, messages and job applications. Our software reads only the profile information from this uploaded file. We are not a typical big software company that is out to sell or share your data with anyone. We value your privacy and really mean it.

If you are still concerned about uploading this data to our site, you can first remove the files other than the profile information from this zip, and then upload it.

If you face any issues while converting your LinkedIn zip file, please let us know.

Already have an account on Resumonk?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to convert your LinkedIn profile into a standout resume.

1. Login to your Resumonk account with your email/password or sign in with Facebook/Linkedin/Google+. Resumonk Login - Resumonk Online Resume Maker

2. If you already have an existing resume, click the "Edit" button next to it on the Dashboard. If not, please click on the "Create a new resume" button. You will be taken to the resume editor screen. Manage CVs and Resumes - Resumonk Online Resume Maker

3. On the resume editor page, you'll see a button at the top called "Import from LinkedIn". Click this button. You'll be taken to a page where you can upload your LinkedIn profile PDF. Import Linkedin Profile

4. Follow the instructions on this screen to convert your LinkedIn profile to a beautiful resume. Convert LinkedIn Profile To Resume

5. After the profile import is complete, you will be taken to Resumonk's Resume Preview & Customization page where you can change your resume's template, fonts, colors and spacing. Once you are happy with how your resume looks, click on the 'Save Design Settings' button. You can also add/update information in this resume by going back to the editor clicking on 'Back to resume editor' button. Or, you can download your Resume in PDF and DOCX formats using the 'Download' button menu. Change Resume Font and Design

If you are still facing any issues, drop us a line at [email protected] or fill out this contact form and we'll get back to you shortly.
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This is a great resume management tool. It allows the writer to focus on the task of writing a first class resume. It creates resumes and cover letters using templates that create PDF and Word output which can be tweaked to your personal needs.
Infrastructure Project Manager
Greater New York City Area, USA
As long as you have stuff worth mentioning on your resume, Resumonk is IMO the easiest way to make a resume fast that looks great. Being able to save it for editing/updating later makes it even better.
Digital Content Creator
Muiderberg, Provincie Noord-Holland, Netherlands
An interviewer commented about how good my resume looked!
Software Developer
Melbourne, Florida, USA
Created interview getting resumes for myself in no time. Good product.
Software QA Manager
Tel Aviv, Israel
It's so easy to use, well-organized. Love the product
Lead Software Developer
Brooklyn, New York, USA