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This is a great resume management tool. It allows the writer to focus on the task of writing a first class resume. It creates resumes and cover letters using templates that create PDF and Word output which can be tweaked to your personal needs.

Need to create a custom resume for a special job? You can clone the best fit and make your revisions; the dashboard organizes all your resume versions making them easy to find in the future.
Infrastructure Project Manager
Greater New York City Area, USA
Who knew that creating a resume could be that easy and so much fun! I was able to move straight from my LinkedIn profile (or one can start from scratch) to create a gorgeous resume. I was totally blown away.

In minutes, I had a lovely presentable resume, perfectly formatted. And the customer service team gave me quick hints, person-to-person, to adjust and improve. I worked in software development for years, and I know how challenging it is to create a user interface that is seamless and intuitive to use. But Resumonk has it! Really great product, with a fair price point
Art Historian & Educator
Greater New York City Area, USA
I am a video editor & screenwriter and being in the arts field, companies really expect a pretty resume. However, graphic design is just not my field. So even though I am a great video editor, I come off as a Luddite because of my plain resume.

Resumonk has changed all that for me. It has taken the work out of finding work. And that's a big deal. It's inspiring me to tinker with the design myself, and not because I don't like it, but because the tools are just so simple and intuitive. I'm glad that I found this service and it has completely changed my sense of confidence when I send out job applications now!
Video Editor & Creative Producer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
I love Resumonk. I like that the team is responsive to all feedback and acts on it fast. I bought the lifetime premium membership and I'm recommending it to people here where I work at an academic institution. Please keep the website great, keep listening to customers, and keep up the good work!
Khaldoun Haj Mahmoud, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
I feel the beauty of Resumonk is that you don't have to worry about the trivial aspects of your resume like formatting which takes a lot of time otherwise. It let's you focus on the main part which is the content and you can make changes with a click of a button. Great Work! I am a big fan ..and millions more counting...

p.s. Resume from Resumonk helped me land into an Ivy League university :)
Master of Financial Engineering
Columbia University
This service is awesome and easy to use. I hate making resumes and this just made it very painless, I love it, especially with the lifetime license.
Computer Technician
Garner, North Carolina, USA
I've already recommended Resumonk, and will do it again. I help a church group look for work. When we talk about résumés, I recommend they sign up for Resumonk. It's a very simple series of inputs, with beautiful layouts.
Accounting Specialist
Provo, Utah, USA
If there was a way to give 5 stars, I would! How much easier could it get? You simply save a PDF of your LinkedIn profile and then it formats a resume for you! Nothing but good things to say about this wonderful website!
Property Manager
Avery County, North Carolina, USA
Created interview getting resumes for myself in no time. Good product.
Software QA Manager
Tel Aviv, Israel
It is the best software to format your resume and cover letter
Sales Analyst
Madrid, Spain
It's so easy to use, well-organized. Love the product
Lead Software Developer
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Great deal for what you get. Already have passed it on to some.
Michael Krogstad
Corporate IT Manager
Texas, USA
Great service. Quickly pulls profile data from LinkedIn. Can easily edit / reorder information on the resume.
Marketing Professional
Greater St. Louis Area, USA
Simple way to create a great looking resume. Pick a format and fill in the blanks.
Website Designer
Ontario, Canada
It's a place to host your resume that can be downloaded in multiple formats, customized with multiple themes, and tracked for engagement.
Senior Programmer Analyst
Bentonville, Arkansas, USA
As long as you have stuff worth mentioning on your resume, Resumonk is IMO the easiest way to make a resume fast that looks great. Being able to save it for editing/updating later makes it even better.
Digital Content Creator
Muiderberg, Provincie Noord-Holland, Netherlands
It is super easy to use and the resume looks great
Sales Advisor
North Lanarkshire, Scotland
The price is low and the quality is high.
Management Consultant
Vienna, Austria
The best place to start a resume from scratch.
Graphic Designer
Washington D.C., USA
Awesome product - great investment!
Director of Sales
El Paso, Texas, USA
Resumonk is very easy to use. I can update and publish new resumes without worry, create new resumes tailored to a specific opportunity, and (best of all) it's available whenever or wherever I need it.
Performance Improvement Consultant
Orlando, Florida, USA
It's a very well designed website that helps people create amazing looking resumes and cover letters with little effort. Really saves time in making one for professional applications.
Lead Game Designer & Programmer
Edmonds, Washington, USA
Intuitive to use with great templates and useful tips. Also the simple integration with LinkedIn saves me a lot of time.
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
I think its a good service. I have been able to generate some awesome looking resumes and have been able to get a few great jobs from them.
Software Engineer
Greater New York City Area, USA
Resumonk makes it very easy to compose and format resumes. Much better than trying to use MS-Word.
Management Consultant
Denver, Colorado, USA
Nice service, easy to use and produces customized resumes. I am delighted.
Global Accounts Director
Madrid Area, Spain
An interviewer commented about how good my resume looked!
Software Developer
Melbourne, Florida, USA
It actually gets your resume better visibility and leads to interviews.
Managing Director
Toronto, Ontario, Canada