Benjamin K. Williams

Senior Data Pipeline Developer

Phone: 870-759-2820
Address: Jonesboro, Arkansas 72405

A technically proficient and highly resourceful senior programming analyst with extensive background in software design, business intelligence reporting, point of sale systems, data application services, technical project management, and data pipeline development.  Proven aptitude in offering superior client service and strengthening vendor relationships through continuous performance improvement and streamlining of processes.  A results-driven producer who utilizes strong communication and analytical skills to accomplish business goals with technology and increase functionality and performance.

Technical Skills

API ▪ ETL ▪ Tableau ▪ Data Warehousing ▪ Data Vault 2.0 ▪ C# ▪ PL/SQL ▪ JSON ▪  Microsoft SQL Server ▪ T-SQL ▪ DataStage

Agile Methodologies ▪ SQL ▪ Oracle ▪ Alteryx ▪ Business Intelligence ▪ Databases ▪ Walmart's Retail Link


Hytrol Conveyor Inc

Interim Director of Software Development

February 2024 to June 2024
    HR manager for five employees
  • Performed technical interviews for job applicates in both IT and PMO department

Data and Analytics Architect

March 2023 to Present
  • Worked with Business and Strategic Partners to implement ERP (Epicor Kinetic Cloud)
  • Oversaw and approved of Technical Specification documents
  • Managed the Azure Cloud instance including resource creation, IAM, and budgets
  • Created multiple applications to pull from as400/iSeries, REST/OData APIs, and application backend database; saving the data into a data lake
  • Created multiple applications to read from the data lake and write to a SQL Server 2022 based DataVault 2.0 Stage area which then loads data into the Raw/Business vaults
  • Optimize query performance from Powever BI against DataVault Raw/Business vaults.
  • Built out a Jupyter Notebook collection against the data lake to aid in data science, ML, and AI work.

Arvest Bank

Senior Data Pipeline Developer

February 2018 to March 2023
  • Wrote software to parse x9.37 files within data pipelines
  • Wrote software to export data from Salesforce and create csv files from the data
  • Wrote software to convert csv files to parquet files
  • Wrote logic to send files to Google Cloud Storage buckets
  • Wrote software to export data from AS400 and SQL Server and create parquet files from the data
  • Designed and built an application to consume JSON formatted files from Qualys; loading the data into a database
  • Wrote a bi-directional file translator between Finastra's PAYplus USA MAX Interface format and ISO 20022 PAIN 001/002 XML format
  • Oversaw and coordinated DataStage ETL development (11.7.x)
  • Oversaw, coordinated, and developed the SSIS and DataStage ETL jobs to populate the company-wide CRM solution (hosted on Salesforce)
  • Lead redesign of vendor supplied ETL DataStage jobs to reduce run time from 9 hours to 3 hours
  • Developed several business focused extracts from the AS400 into either Microsoft SQL Server or Flat File via SSIS
  • Guided projects toward Tableau for their reporting and analytics.
  • Wrote software that interfaced with flat and XML files to allow easier processing with SSIS
  • Served on the Problem Advisory Board
  • Created Tableau dashboards for data warehouse jobs, iSeries reporting, ITIL (Incident, Service Request, Change) reporting
  • Designed the logical and physical ETL flows for CRM

Tyson Foods

Lead Data Analyst

June 2017 to February 2018
  • DevOps ETL/API for pulling Tyson sales data from WalMart's Retail Link service into in-house Tyson Retail Analytics data warehouse
  • Overhauled the data restatement process from a blanket time based pull to a targeted pull based on differences between internal data and Retail Link; allowing data to match over all larger time range.
  • Developed reporting to monitor the Retail Link users' item, fineline, and department access within Retail Link and show changes over time
  • Built a "dual path" method to pull data from Retail Link that leverages both Web Scraping the main site and the SOAP API so data can be continued to be pulled when one method is down.
  • Built a C# ASP.NET Web API to expose both Data Warehouse and live Retail Link data allowing it to be pulled and consumed by reporting applications or other systems without needing direct database access or external internet access.
  • Built data extract processes to download, store, and report on OTIF scores and the underlying data that supports the score. This decreased or eliminated the amount of time that business had to work on Sunday and allows for identify operational changes during the current week to keep the score high.


Senior Programmer Analyst, Divisional Reporting and Analytics in Office of the CIO

August 2016 to June 2017
  • Developed and implemented technology reports and reporting APIs.
  • Oversaw APIs connected multiple internal and cloud databases into API framework with private, limited access, and public calls allowing faster reporting by multiple technology teams.
  • Built upon API of LeanKit, Jira, Visual Studio Team Server, and Remedy accessed by Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, and in-house Angular/Loopback web site to display data at various updated speeds and to various audiences.
  • Customized divisional reports consumed by technology, home office, and leadership.

Senior Programmer Analyst, Divisional Reporting in Strategic Planning

October 2015 to August 2016
  • Designed, built, and maintained business intelligence reports for ITIL divisional management in Excel and Tableau.
  • Built and maintained data loads from various systems into Hadoop and Greenplum for centralized reporting.
  • Supervised data analyzed by ISD teams to determine priority/urgency and fed into executive dashboards to provide deeper insight into technology for vice presidents and executives.

Senior Programmer Analyst, DevOps Store Systems Support Pharmacy

March 2015 to October 2015
  • Oversaw LeanIT transformation and cross team collaboration.
  • Served as ITIL problem coordinator, ITIL known error coordinator, and Lean KanBan champion.
  • Coordinated 50 problems/known errors reducing year over year incident weekly rate by 1,000.
  • Orchestrated work efforts with strategic vendor partners with efforts increasing gross profit by $800,000 to $1,400,000 per month.

Senior Programmer Analyst in Operations Store Systems Support POS / CASH / Epay / Financial Services

January 2014 to March 2015
  • Directed assignments to team members and vendor partners in store systems supports including incidents, problems, change requests, training, ticket reduction, and workflow improvements.
  • Provided subject matter expert level insights in POS code, site operations, and ITIL processes.
  • Trained and documented as well as provided documentation to vendor partners and field services.

Programmer Analyst in Operations Store Systems Support POS / CASH / Epay / Financial Services

January 2013 to January 2014
  • Designed and managed support tasks and change operational flags for United States and international stores and clubs, about 10,000 sites and 206,000 registers.
  • Oversaw donate prompt on registers for Children's Miracle Network Hospital fundraiser for US and Canada stores.
  • Enabled functionality in neighborhood markets and select TLE registers.
  • Added and updated PLU item selections for Japan sites.
  • Developed support documentation and playbooks for team members involved in store system support POS.
  • Served as member of POS/CASH ticket reduction task force designed and proposed projects and changes reducing incoming incident tickets by either process improvement or problem management.

Programmer in Application Development Point of Sale

July 2012 to Janruary 2013
  • Developed software for point of sale system used in United States and internationally, about 10,000 locations.
  • Supported US and Canada Walmart Stores and Sam's Clubs 2012 Black Friday event.
  • Provided technical feedback during design sessions for projects entering production in 2013.
  • Designed and coded several US and international projects entering production in 2013.
  • Built process updating applications via TeamForge. 

Rural Sourcing Incorporated

Reporting Consultant

May 2010 to June 2012
  • Oversaw numerous projects requiring expertise in software design, systems architecture, and data warehousing in SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle environments.
  • Revived and designed PL/SQL processes computing financial data for major tobacco company.
  • Updated SQL and recommended changes decreasing time needed to run financial calculations in CAS 6 environment of major television and film production and distribution company.
  • Orchestrated and led two team members in data warehouse solutions in SQL Server 2008 for Innovative Systems' eLation for local telecommunication company.
  • Built internal application and database for major healthcare brand development company.
  • Architected and implemented database in SQL Server 2008 used by major agriculture company.
  • Guided developed of better coding standards and hiring tests for SAP and T-SQL.
  • Conceived several SAP conversion programs for major medical devices company.
  • Led six-member team for development of SAP conversion programs.
  • Composed SAP custom program with ability to output multiple reports.
  • Created custom SQL Server backup solution in C#.
  • Customized material reports in SAP for major medical devices company.
  • Developed coding standards for reports having ALV requirements.

MedEvolve LLC

Software Developer

June 2009 to May 2010
  • Built MedEvolve's "eCeno", client/server solution written in Delphi 6 with SQL Server 2000 backend.
  • Customized reporting done via SQL server analysis services.
  • Resolved trouble tickets involving bad data or Windows configuration.
  • Updated customer’s database and OLAP configuration on version changes of eCeno.
  • Integrated changes to stored procedures to increased performance.

SynTel LLC

Lead Software Developer

June 2007 to April 2009
  • Developed "AutoMailPRO 7", three tier C# 2.0 Winforms application using Access 2003 as backend.
  • Facilitated support for Postal Services’ OneCode Solution.
  • Integrated with Pitney Bowles’ VeriMove web service.
  • Customized software to automate testing by comparing test data with known good values.
  • Wrote software to convert program setting from one version of software to another.
  • Spearheaded changes in both C# and Jet SQL to increase performance.
  • Directed changes to business and database logic to support mailings of over 100,000 mail pieces.


Photo Lab Department Manager | Remodel Supervisor

February 2005 to June 2007

Oversaw daily activities of five photo lab associates, trained associates on company policy and lab safety, ordered retail items and lab supplies, and performed maintenance on lab equipment.  Checked out customers, helped with purchases, resolved customer issues, and helped coordinate vendor demonstrations.  Led between five and ten remodel associates in daily activities, trained associates on company policy and workplace safety, and worked with remodel managers in planning assignments.  Collaborated alongside associates in cleaning, setup, moving, and zoning of retail areas.


A Guide to Data Pipeline Transformations - Structured Files

January 2023

With over 14 years of experience as a programmer and half of that working with data, I understand that transformations can be frustrating things when you are getting started. Here I give straightforward C# code and commentary about XML and JSON files. This book is the second in a series should help you see that transformations are the fun part of coding data pipelines.

A Guide to Data Pipeline Transformations - Dates

December 2022

With over 14 years of experience as a programmer and half of that working with data, I understand that transformations can be frustrating things when you are getting started. Here I give straightforward C# code and commentary about dates, just like I would when doing code reviews or training other programmers. This book is the first in a series should help you see that transformations are the fun part of coding data pipelines.




January 2020 to Now

American Public University

Certificate, Managerial Analytics

September 2016 to February 2017

Harding University

Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Studies

2002 to 2004

Arkansas State University

Major Computer Science

2000 to 2002


Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner

Data Vault Alliance

March 2021

ITIL v2011 Foundation


Dale Carnegie Immersion Course

April 28, 2016