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Aditya Babbar


Manu 2

Manu J

Head of Tech

Our Story

Resumonk started in 2012 with a simple idea: to make it easier for everyone to create great resumes. We've grown a lot since then, and now we're also using AI to make our service better.

We're a small, independent company, and our main focus is to make our customers happy. We believe in being ethical, genuine and fair in all our dealings.

You can consider us as friendly store owners in your neighbourhood :-), rather than a faceless (and often heartless) entity on the Internet.


Aditya Babbar - Co-Founder

Aditya's career started in software programming before shifting to product development. He's passionate about building user-friendly and high-quality software.

Aditya spent significant time in the Himalayas, balancing his work at Resumonk with social projects. His interests include understanding global socio-economic issues, supporting bootstrapped ventures and spiritualism.

When he is not working on Resumonk, he spends time learning from his 5 year old.

Manu J - Head of Tech

Manu has been a Rails programmer since 2006 and an independent consultant and co-founder of two startups. He lives and breathes tech. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading, photopgraphy and well made movies/ TV Shows.