Are you ready to craft an impressive resume with the help of AI technology? Well, now Resumonk brings you the below new features:

  • AI Rewrites: Expert AI editing for specific entries or complete resume revamps.
  • AI Suggestions: Tailored, intelligent recommendations for optimizing each resume entry.
  • Seamless Import Options: Import your latest LinkedIn profile or upload any PDF/DOCX resume to streamline the resume creation process.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through using Resumonk’s AI Resume Builder, a simple yet powerful tool that eases the resume creation. This tutorial will keep things practical and actionable, ensuring you have a polished resume ready in no time to land your dream job.

Sign-up and account setup

  • Select the desired plan -> weekly or monthly. The monthly plan offers the best value and is 20% cheaper than the weekly.

  • Sign up and create a new Resumonk account with one of the options:
    • Google
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook

  • Input payment information. Click “Start your free trial.”

  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will reach the Dashboard, providing you with the “Create Resume” option.

Create resume

Get started with effortless resume creation by choosing the most suitable resume-building option, along with the “Rewrite with AI” feature to refine your document through recommendations on phrasing, formatting, and relevant content to highlight your skills.

  • Import from LinkedIn -> Upload your LinkedIn profile link to use your profile information to generate a resume draft.

  • Upload existing resume -> Let our AI review your resume and suggest optimizations.

  • Build manually -> Use our intuitive resume builder to create the ideal layout for your background.

Following the import, you’ll be directed to a preview screen for an initial review, after which you can proceed to the “Edit Resume” tab for further modifications.

Edit the resume

  • Go to “Edit Resume” 

  • Edit the imported information.
  • Enhance your resume with AI: Take advantage of our AI features to optimize every section of your resume, creating a more personalized and impactful presentation:
    • Get AI Suggestions – Receive valuable feedback and recommendations on your current content to improve the relevance and effectiveness of each resume entry.

  • Rewrite Using AI – Get expert content improvements and polished rewrites from the AI to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences.

Preview and Download

  • Review your full resume for any content, flow, or design fixes. Confirm there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. 
  • Make formatting changes to give your resume a polished, professional look.
  • Customize your resume design:
    • Choose a template that meets your requirements.
    • Edit PDF settings – Select the line spacing(font size), color, font, and page settings that go well with your unique personality.
    • Click “Save Design Settings”

  • Download your resume in PDF or DOCX format.

Create a cover letter (optional)

You can create a complementary cover letter with the same design as your resume. This personalized cover letter lets you provide additional context for your job applications and highlight specific qualifications that align with your desired roles.

Here is a sample cover letter created using the above feature:

Navigating the dashboard

Once the resume is created and finalized, you can conveniently access and edit it directly from the Dashboard anytime.

    • Create Resume– Click to start a new resume.
    • Your resumes– Displays a list of all the resumes you’ve created.
    • Actions– Perform various actions on each resume:
      • Preview– Review how your resume appears to potential employers.
      • Download– Save a copy of the resume in the desired format (PDF, DOCX).
      • Clone (Copy)– Duplicate an existing resume to modify for different job applications without starting from scratch.
      • Analytics – View insights into resume views and downloads to know their performance.
      • Edit– Update information, change templates, or revise resume content as needed.
      • Delete– Remove an existing resume permanently.
  • Add cover letter– Create a corresponding cover letter.

Bonus Tip: Create a custom URL (e.g., for your resume sharing—it adds a professional flair that can set you apart.

The Resumonk AI Resume Builder automates the difficult aspects of resume writing so you can focus on showcasing your experiences. With easy previewing, editing, and downloading, crafting resumes that get results is simple.

We hope this step-by-step guide helped you learn how to create professional resumes quickly using Resumonk’s AI features. Check out our website for tips, examples, and resources to refine your resume further. Best of luck with your job search!

Published by Manjeet Kaur

Manjeet Kaur is a freelance writer focusing on creating content for career enhancement and effective job-hunting strategies. Beyond work, she finds joy in movies, exploring diverse cuisines, and uncovering new tools for content creation.