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Are you wondering why you haven’t received an interview call even after applying to a zillion jobs? Or are you staring at a blank computer screen with no clue about what to write in your resume?

Download free resume writing book

Don’t worry, with this short (40 page) ebook, you’ll be well on your way to writing a hire-worthy resume.

This free ebook includes over 55 resume writing tips, resume keywords and action verbs and a collection of resume (CV) examples for your reference.


What’s In This Book?


Chapter 1: What To Include In A Resume?

This chapter talks about what are the different types of resume and which one you should use. This chapter also gives you detailed explanation of what are the different components that make up a typical resume.

Chapter 2: Resume Writing Tips and Best Practices

 A good quality resume could be the deciding factor in your job search success. In such cases, you cannot afford to show potential employers a poorly-formatted and visually unappealing advertisement of your experience and skills.

This chapter gives you some tips and tricks to help your resume land in the ‘YES’ pile.


Chapter 3: Resume Writing Tips and Best Practices

The words that you use to describe your work history, your skills and qualifications can be the differentiating factor be- tween an impressive and a non-impressive résumé.
Action verbs are words that are inherently eye-catching and can attract more of your potential recruiter’s attention.

This chapter mentions over 500 keywords and action verbs that you can use in your resume.


Chapter 4: Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

There are numerous rules in writing an effective resume. A recruiter’s impression of you comes from your resume. Your resume should typically just be one to two pages long and with such limited space to convey important information about yourself, it is highly important that you get it right. By identifying and understanding the most common resume mistakes, it will be easier for you to make your own resume.


Chapter 4: Sample Resumes

Use our free sample resumes and resume templates to create your own resume. Choose the sample resume that is most relevant to your profession and directly start editing and customizing it.