As we explore the diverse landscape of resume templates and building websites, MyPerfectResume emerges with its advantages. However, how does it match up against Resumonk? Let's compare thoroughly to discover the most fitting choice for your requirements.

The perks of using Resumonk

Resumonk is a quick, easy, professional resume-building tool that helps you assemble your perfect resume in minutes. Take advantage of the following benefits when you use Resumonk:

We don't hide our prices

If a resume-building service provider isn't completely transparent about their pricing structure, it's probably because there are hidden costs or unexpected renewal charges waiting to pounce.

That's why we'll always display our prices on our site, so new and unregistered users know exactly what to expect.

Our industry-leading prices can be viewed in our pricing guide.

Simple software

With Resumonk, anyone can pick up and use our software, so even those inexperienced in IT can create their professional-looking resume quickly.

Check out our range of resume templates you can use right now.

Create a stand-out cover letter

An expertly crafted cover letter paired with your professional resume will help you to stand out from your competition. With Resumonk, you can create an accompanying cover letter that you can either include with your resume or download separately.

Access our ready-to-use collection of cover letter templates for instant customization.

Create multiple versions of your resume

With a simple click, you can create multiple versions of your resume, which you can edit however you like - perfect when applying for different jobs with various responsibilities.

Download your resume in different formats

You can download your resume and cover letter as a PDF or DOCX file.

A custom URL means you can share your resume with ease

We'll provide you with a custom URL for your resume, which means you can share it with recruiters so they can get instant access. And you can track how well your resume is doing by checking the helpful and easy-to-understand analytics.

Be confident that your data is secure

You input a lot of personal data when building a resume, and Resumonk keeps your data safe and secure.

What features does Resumonk provide that MyPerfectResume does not?

Resumonk is dedicated to transparency, so we'll never hide our prices. That means you'll never be surprised by an unexpected monthly recurring cost.

With your custom URL, you can share your resume online with whoever you want and track how well it's doing with detailed analytics. That means you can adjust your strategy depending on how well your resume performs.

To save time and get a head start on your resume, Resumonk gives you the ability to import your LinkedIn profile. You can then make changes to fit the roles you're applying for.

Resumonk and MyPerfectResume reviews

Below are some quotes from reviews featuring Resumonk and MyPerfectResume:

Skills Certified:

Resumonk: "Resumonk couldn't be easier, as you can quickly and simply import all pre-written profile information and skills from your LinkedIn profile and old CVs, saving you time and effort."

MyPerfectResume: "The website also offers Cover Letter building, with examples, formats, and templates."

Best Valued:

Resumonk: "This resume builder offers high-quality software for data privacy."

MyPerfectResume: "This resume builder can build a customized cover letter for the interviewer."

Resumonk and MyPerfectResume pricing comparison 

MyPerfectResume offers two pricing structures:


 Compared to Resumonk:


MyPerfectResume offers two 14-day trial options at $1.45 and $1.95; however, you will automatically be charged a recurring monthly fee if you don't cancel them.

An annual subscription to Resumonk is $49, a little more than half the rate for MyPerfectResume, and there's also the option for a lifetime membership, which costs just $149. You'll always need to keep your resume updated, and a lifetime membership with Resumonk allows you to do this forever without paying a single penny more.

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