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Published about 1 year ago

web3 technical writer

Use your experience and skills in dev relations and writing to further the mission of privacy for Web3.

For the right person, we are willing to consider splitting the role into two hires. (e.g. you prefer writing only or dev rel only)

The position includes:

  • a seat in the Secret Agency DAO

  • strong collaborative working relationships in the ecosystem

  • paid at $50/hr (in SCRT) for 20hrs/wk

As a writer, you would be responsible for:

  • Technical writing for the documentation ( and tech feature blogs

  • Collaborate on developer workshop and guide content

  • Help script videos for developers

  • Keep up to date with changes going into the various libraries and bring out documentation to accompany the changes.

On the devrel side, you would:

  • Work with dApp teams to provide technical updates, answer questions, handle feature requests and other integration issues

  • Be on-call to VC’s, Leads and other partners with open questions

  • Be on-call to help incoming developers and developer teams with answering integration questions

  • Work closely with SCRT labs to show Privacy-as-a-Service across the cosmos and meet with teams

  • Support for events, hackathons and workshops both online and in-person

Requirements (dev rel)

  • Experience in Rust – must

  • Experience in web3 and smart contract development – must

  • Experience or affinity with technical writing for both documentation and blogs - must

  • Experience in applied cryptography (advantage) - High priority

  • Experience in CosmWasm smart contract development (advantage) - Medium/High priority

  • Experience in Golang (advantage) - Medium priority

  • Experience in Cosmos SDK development (advantage) - Medium priority

  • Experience in organizing or helping with online or Real life hackathons (advantage)

Requirements (writing)

  • Experience as a technical writer for web2 or web3 software

  • Experience in Rust, Golang and Js development or tech writing for those languages

  • Experience in applied cryptography (advantage)

  • Experience in CosmWasm smart contract development (advantage)

  • Experience in Cosmos SDK smart contract development (advantage)

Salary and compensation

No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Web3, Golang and Digital Nomad jobs that are similar:

$70,000 — $120,000/year