Amidst the realm of resume templates and building websites, Zety undoubtedly has its perks, but how does it fare compared to Resumonk? Let's comprehensively compare to determine which suits your needs best.

Resumonk's advantages

Resumonk can provide you with all the tools necessary to build a resume that will stand out and help you be noticed. The benefits of using Resumonk include the following:

Transparent pricing

At Resumonk, we offer free PDF templates, and premium users can access many additional benefits. We’re always transparent about our prices and won’t surprise you with any hidden fees later. For more information, check out our pricing guide.

Simple software

If computers aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Resumonk is super simple and easy to use and guides you through the process to ensure everyone can build their optimum resume.

Cover letter builder

Create a cover letter that matches and complements your resume. You can include your cover letter in the same document as your resume or download it separately.

Choose from our range of pre-designed cover letter templates to streamline your application process.

Manage multiple resumes

Clone your resume with a simple click to create multiple versions that you can use to apply for specific roles.

Download your resume as a PDF or DOCX 

Our templates are free and accessible in PDF format or as DOCX for premium members.

Share your resume with a custom URL

Host your resume on Resumonk with a custom URL, which provides analytics so you can track your resume’s performance.

Be confident that your data is secure

You input a lot of personal data when building a resume, and Resumonk keeps your data safe and secure.

What features does Resumonk provide that Zety does not?

Zety hides many benefits from new and free users, so it is difficult to determine the exact features offered.

At Resumonk, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and transparent over costs, which we display proudly on our website even before users create an account. We believe it’s important to show our hand so you have complete faith in us and our services.

If you’re looking to make multiple versions of your resume for slightly different job roles, with Resumonk, you can clone your resume with a click, then easily make your changes.

Resumonk’s free users can take advantage of our wide range of resume templates and download them as PDF files. Premium users have full access to all of our features, including downloading the bonus of downloading as a DOCX file.

Tackle your resume with a running start by importing your LinkedIn profile to Resumonk. This way, your information is automatically added to the resume builder, which you can edit.

Does Resumonk or Zety offer a subscription?

Zety offers three plans; The Start, Premium, and a three-month plan.

Resumonk offers two options; a twelve-month plan or a unique ‘forever’ plan that gives the user lifetime use of Resumonk.

Resumonk and Zety reviews

Below are quotes from a selection of reviews that have featured both Resumonk and Zety:


Resumonk: ‘Create a beautiful resume with Resumonk.’

Zety: ‘Zety is not entirely FREE.’


Resumonk: ‘Resumonk offers flexible layouts to display your information on recruiter-friendly resumes.’

Zety: ‘Many of the Zety templates have columns, odd shapes for bullet points, star or bar ratings for skill assessment, and other design flaws that could confuse an ATS scan.’


Resumonk: ‘Are you looking for a free resume builder for freshers? Resumonk will be a practical option.’

Zety: ‘No Microsoft Word or PDF resume formats download for free accounts.’

Resumonk and Zety pricing comparison 

As mentioned above, Zety offers three different plans:

  • The Start - $2.70 for a 2-week trial (anytime cancellation), which auto-renews every four weeks @ $23.70 monthly.

  • Full-year plan - $71.40

However, compare that to the price of a Resumonk subscription:

  • Twelve-month premium subscription: $49

  • Forever Plan: $149

That means a twelve-month premium subscription costs $4.08 monthly and gives you all of Resumonk’s premium features.

And there’s no way to calculate the money you could save by signing up for the Forever Plan, which provides you lifetime access to everything Resumonk offers.

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