While Resume.io, the resume template and building website, has perks, how does it fare against the competition? Discover how Resumonk can elevate your resume-building experience with its array of benefits.

Resumonk's benefits

Resumonk has everything you need to build the perfect, attention-grabbing resume and help you stand out from other candidates. By using Resumonk, you’ll take advantage of a range of services and benefits:

A clear, no-nonsense pricing structure

Not only does Resumonk allow you to create a resume for free, which you can download as a PDF, but we’re also super clear on our pricing structure.

You can either join annually, which works out at almost $4.0 per month or become a lifetime member and use Resumonk’s fantastic services forever.

For more information on our transparent pricing structure, one of the most competitive in the industry, view our pricing guide.

Easy to use

Resumonk’s software is simple, so even relatively IT-illiterate users can create standout resumes quickly and easily.

Build the perfect cover letter

Creating a cover letter that complements your resume can be challenging, but Resumonk allows you to do that easily. Include your cover letter in the same document as your resume, or download it separately.

Choose from our range of pre-designed cover letter templates to streamline your application process.

Manage multiple resumes

Need to balance multiple resumes so you can apply for jobs across different sectors? No problem; with just a couple of clicks, you can create duplicates of your resume that you can tweak to target different roles. 

Download your resume as either PDF or DOCX

Free users can download their resume as a PDF, or premium members can download it as a DOCX for further tweaking.

Use a custom URL to share your resume with recruiters

You’ll be provided with a custom URL for your resume that you can send to recruiters, and you can check its performance.

Be confident that your data is secure

You input a lot of personal data when building a resume, and Resumonk keeps your data safe and secure.

What features does Resumonk provide that Resume.io does not?

Like many other resume and cover letter-building services, Resume.io isn’t forthcoming with its pricing structure. However, Resumonk understands that it’s important that cost is considered before you choose which provider to use. That’s why we don’t hide our prices at all - we’re proud to offer one of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry, with a service that far exceeds what the price suggests.

We don’t try to tempt you into using Resumonk’s services by offering a week’s trial to surprise you with a hefty monthly charge. Resumonk works out at almost $4.08 monthly if you sign up for an annual subscription. That’s just a little more than Resume.io’s week trial of $2.95.

Resumonk allows you to kick-start your resume creation by importing your LinkedIn profile. You can then edit your information to fit your brand-new resume.

Free users of Resumonk aren’t short-changed and can use several resume templates and download them as PDFs.

Resumonk also offers those interested in premium services the opportunity to register for the Lifetime Plan, which permanently gives them access to all of Resumonk’s benefits.

Resumonk and Resume.io reviews

Below are quotes from reviews that feature Resume.io and Resumonk:

Dutton Law:

Resumonk: “Resumonk is easy to use right off the bat, and a credit card is not required to get started.”

Resume.io: “Resume.io is expensive, but it does save time.”

Career Cloud:

Resumonk: “Resumonk has an impressive library of professional resume templates.”

Resume.io: “Resume.io only offers 12 template varieties, less than some of the other companies we reviewed.”

Resumonk and Resume.io pricing comparison 

Resume.io offers many different pricing structures:


 When compared to what Resumonk offers:

This means Resumonk is considerably cheaper than Resume.io. A 12-month subscription to Resumonk is slightly more than a six-month subscription to Resume.io. In fact, with a little more added to the annual subscription to Resume.io provides you a lifetime subscription to Resumonk. That’s an incredible saving for a service you’ll return to and update regularly.

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