When it comes to resume templates and building websites, NovoResume certainly has its merits. However, the critical question remains: how does it compare to Resumonk? Prepare for an in-depth analysis that will lead us to the best option tailored to your needs.

The Resumonk advantage

If you’re at the start of your job searching process, Resumonk provides you with everything you need to build a resume that will help you get noticed by recruiters. Resumonk gives you a ton of benefits, including:

100% transparency on pricing

Resumonk provides many resume-building services to free users, but for those looking to take advantage of our premium services, we’ve ensured you know precisely what you’ll pay.

That’s why we’re completely transparent about our prices even before you set up an account with Resumonk. We want you to know what you’ll get and how much it will cost.

For more information, check out our pricing guide.

Simple to use

Resumonk is quick and easy to use, so even those inexperienced with computers can use our software to create a professional resume that will grab the attention of recruiters.

Put together an accompanying cover letter

With Resumonk, you can create the perfect cover letter, highlighting your skills and experience and answering questions posed by the job description. You can include your cover letter in the same document as your resume or download it separately.

Access a wealth of cover letter templates, each showcasing unique styles and formats.

Create and edit duplicate resumes

Looking to apply for different job roles that require you to include various skills and experience on your resume? That’s no problem, Resumonk allows you to clone your resume and make tweaks, so you don’t have to redo the entire thing.

Download your resume and cover letter either as a PDF or DOCX

Premium users can download their resume or cover letter as either a PDF or DOCX and free users can download their resume as a PDF. 

Share your resume with your custom URL

Resumonk users will be provided with a custom URL, which means you can share your resume directly with recruiters. Plus, you can check your analytics to track how well your resume is doing.

Be confident that your data is secure

You input a lot of personal data when building a resume, and Resumonk keeps all of your data safe and secure.

What features does Resumonk provide that NovoResume does not?

Resumonk has twice as many resume template options, allowing you to access 20 templates to build your resume. You can create a resume in any language, while you can clone a resume with just a click.

To give jobseekers a head start, Resumonk allows you to import your LinkedIn profile, so you can effortlessly format your existing information into an eye-catching resume and save yourself time.

Premium Resumonk users also have the unique ability to sign up for a Forever Plan, which gives you access to all of Resumonk’s benefits forever. That way, you can always keep your resume up-to-date without spending another penny.

Resumonk and NovoResume reviews

Below are quotes from reviews that feature NovoResume and Resumonk:


Resumonk: “Resumonk allows you to create a resume for free without creating an account”

NovoResume: “Free version of Novoresume is restricted to a single-page resume, while the premium version can add two additional pages.”


Resumonk: “Create a beautiful resume with Resumonk.”

NovoResume: “The best part is all your personal information is protected with high-level security measures.”

Resumonk and NovoResume pricing comparison 

NovoResume provides three options:


 Compared to what Resumonk offers:


NovoResume may offer three pricing options compared to Resumonk’s two; however, it’s clear which service provides the best value.

One month with NovoResume costs £15 (approximately $20), three months costs £29.99 (roughly $40), and 12 months costs £89.99 (about $118).

Compared to Resumonk, where a twelve-month subscription costs just a little more than a three-month subscription with NovoResume, it’s easy to see which service provides the best value for money.

Resumonk also allows you to sign up for the Forever Plan, which gives you lifetime access to Resumonk’s beneficial services.

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