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Though LiveCareer boasts various benefits as a resume template and building website, how does it stack up against Resumonk? Let's compare thoroughly to discover the most fitting choice for your requirements.

The benefits of using Resumonk

Using Resumonk to build your resume lets you hit the ground running and create a professional resume that will draw the attention of recruiters. Benefits of using Resumonk include:

Clear and transparent pricing

Resumonk will always be 100% clear regarding pricing - we haven’t got anything to hide, providing a pricing structure that remains one of the most competitive in the industry.

Check out our pricing guide for more information.

Quick and easy to use

At Resumonk, we recognize that technology can be daunting, so our software is crafted for ease of use and is suitable for users of all experience levels. Leveraging advanced AI, we streamline the resume-building process, making it simple for you to craft a professional resume with minimal effort.

20 premium resume templates

Select from our 20 contemporary templates, each designed to fit various resume formats, including reverse chronological, functional, or hybrid.

Effortless customization

With our 18 distinct fonts and a broad color palette, personalizing your resume is straightforward, ensuring a touch of elegance and style with ease.

Create the perfect cover letter

Resumonk lets you create an accompanying cover letter that fits perfectly with the style of your resume. You can either include your cover letter in the same document as your resume or download it separately.

Clone and edit multiple resumes

Creating multiple copies of your resume is quick and easy, which you can tweak if you’re applying for different roles.

Download your professional resume as a PDF or DOCX

Conveniently save and export your resume and cover letter in PDF and DOCX formats.

Share your resume with your own custom URL

Share your resume with recruiters by sending them your unique custom URL  (e.g.,, which lets you track views to see how well your resume is doing.

Your data is kept secure

You can be confident that with Resumonk, your data will be kept completely confidential and won’t be shared with any third parties.

What features does Resumonk provide that LiveCareer does not?

Resumonk is transparent about pricing and will never keep our pricing structure hidden. We know that cost is a considerable part of your decision-making when choosing a resume builder, and the last thing you want when job-searching is to be hit with an unexpected recurring subscription.

Resumonk doesn’t try to entice you with an attractive offer and then bill you a significant amount monthly if you’ve forgotten to cancel your membership before your trial ends.

With Resumonk, you can import your LinkedIn profile, which you can then tweak as necessary. This saves you so much time, allowing you to get on with the important stuff, like applying for jobs. 

We’ll also provide you with a custom URL so you can share your resume with employers and track how well your resume is performing.

Resumonk and LiveCareer reviews

Here are some quotes for reviews that feature both LiveCareer and Resumonk:


Resumonk: “Plenty of free features [and] straightforward pricing for premium accounts.”

LiveCareer: “You are restricted to an ATS-friendly text file with a free account.”


Resumonk: “Resumonk offers flexible layouts to display your information on recruiter-friendly resumes.”

LiveCareer: “By using this service, your information will join their resume database. Your contact information will be removed, but names and dates of employment are accessible to anyone with internet access.”

Resumonk and LiveCareer pricing comparison 

LiveCareer offers various pricing options, all of which are hidden from unregistered site visitors:

Compared to Resumonk’s completely transparent structure:

LiveCareer has a 14-day full access trial period for $2.95; however, according to Flexjobs, getting a job in the US takes an average of three to six months. So, unless you are extremely lucky, it’s unlikely that a 14-day trial period will be enough. 

If it was, LiveCareer automatically renews your subscription and costs $23.95 every four weeks.

At Resumonk, experience transparency with no hidden fees. Our 3-day free trial gives you access to features of the below AI plan:

  • Monthly - $15 for 200 credits and $0.08 per extra credit (min 50 credits)

The AI Plans include the following features, in addition to all the premium features offered by Resumonk:

  • AI Rewrites: Expert AI editing for specific entries or complete resume revamps

  • AI Suggestions: Tailored, intelligent recommendations for optimizing each resume entry

  • Seamless Import Options: Import your latest LinkedIn profile or upload any PDF/DOCX resume to streamline the resume creation process.

Create the perfect resume now

Start your free trial today and create your resume quickly and easily at Resumonk, the perfect LiveCareer alternative!