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Dish Up Success with Confidence: Craft a Premium Restaurant Server Resume with Resumonk's Expert Guide

Being a restaurant server is not just about delivering food; it's about creating memorable dining experiences. An exemplary resume is your ticket to stand out in this vibrant industry. Explore Resumonk's handpicked resume examples to understand the art of leaving a lasting mark.

Scroll to the bottom for a restaurant server sample resume to garnish your own.

Primary responsibilities of a restaurant server

Being a server is more than taking orders and delivering food. It's about creating an inviting atmosphere, meeting customer expectations, and proudly representing the restaurant's brand. Being a restaurant server involves:

  • Customer service: Provide friendly, responsive service to create an exceptional dining experience.

  • Ambiance artist: Be the first touchpoint of unparalleled service, ensuring diners feel welcome.

  • Menu maestro: Deep dive into the menu, assisting customers with selections and recommendations.

  • Efficiency expert: Seamlessly manages multiple tables, providing accurate and prompt orders.

  • Sales sensation: Introduce customers to daily specials, complementary pairings, and upsell when appropriate.

  • Hygiene hero: Maintain the gold standards of cleanliness in personal appearance and dining areas.

  • Transaction tactician: Handle payments seamlessly, ensuring accuracy.

  • Team liaison: Collaborate with the culinary team to ensure order synchronization.

  • Guest guru: Handle positive and negative feedback with grace and professionalism.

Must-haves for a restaurant server resume

For a winning server resume, spotlight your dedication and aptitude. Follow these guidelines for a resume that deserves a standing ovation:

  • Pick the suitable resume format: Opt for the reverse chronological format. This format, recognized and appreciated, showcases your most recent achievements, making it the best choice for a server resume.

  • Contact details: Lead with your name, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, and email. Add links to professional networking profiles such as Linkedin profiles or personal portfolios.

  • Engaging entrée: Pen a strong resume summary emphasizing your passion and service mastery.

  • Culinary career journey: Elaborate on your service roles, emphasizing responsibilities and triumphs. If you're a fresh entrant, dive into our "How to Write a Resume If You Have No Experience" guide.

  • Skills showcase: Highlight unique skills to make your resume immediately captivating.

  • Certifications: Mention any vital food safety or beverage courses that further sharpen your service edge.

  • Professional look: Ensure a consistent structure, harmonious fonts, and a layout that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Use a resume template: Save precious time and ensure a polished look. Harness the power of free resume templates to get that pristine layout and formatting, letting your content shine through.

Explore our "resume-writing tips" article for comprehensive insights and guidance.

Essential skills to showcase in your resume

Serving at a restaurant is an art, blending technique with intuition. One must combine concrete abilities with inherent qualities to rise above the rest. We've categorized these pivotal skills into hard and soft skills below.

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

  • Customer service

  • Team communication

  • Menu expertise

  • Problem-solving

  • Sales techniques

  • Multi-tasking

  • Payment handling

  • Attention to detail

  • Time management

  • Physical stamina

  • Food safety

  • Active listening

  • Wine and beverage knowledge

  • Adaptability

  • Point-of-sale system 

  • Empathy and patience

  • Table setup and clearing techniques

  • Cultural awareness

  • Order-taking and delivery

  • Positive attitude

  • Special dietary requirement knowledge

  • Conflict resolution

Action words for more significant impact

Boost your story with persuasive verbs. These action words give your resume a fresh touch, emphasizing your active role:

  • Served

  • Recommended

  • Upsold

  • Coordinated

  • Handled

  • Communicated

  • Cleaned

  • Processed

  • Liaised

  • Organized

  • Resolved

  • Assisted

  • Managed

  • Greeted

  • Prepared

  • Described

  • Confirmed

  • Demonstrated

  • Presented

  • Engaged

  • Ensured

Bonus sections for enriching your resume

Give your resume a gourmet touch and take it to a five-star rating with these additional sections:

Licenses and certifications 

Distinguishing yourself in the hospitality sector often begins with the proper certifications. Demonstrating professional expertise, these credentials signal your unwavering commitment. Some examples to include are:

Awards & Recognition 

Earning titles such as "Server of the Month" or garnering exceptional customer reviews underlines your commitment to service excellence. Highlight these accolades to demonstrate your unmatched capabilities in the culinary industry.

Hobbies & interests 

Personal passions can echo the joy of service, the love for food, or the art of conversation. Consider adding:

  • Attending hands-on cooking lessons or wine-sampling events.

  • Traveling to explore global cuisines and cultures.

  • Participating in local food festivals.

  • Blogging about personal cooking experiences and discoveries.


Active involvement in reputable hospitality groups showcases your deep commitment to the field and ongoing professional growth. Consider highlighting affiliations like

Volunteer initiatives

Demonstrate your commitment to community and service. Engage in activities such as

  • Community Soup Kitchens

  • Local Food Festivals

  • Sustainability Initiatives

  • Event Catering for Charities


Fluency in multiple languages bridges communication gaps with a diverse customer base. Ensure you include any additional languages you're skilled in to highlight your enhanced ability to connect.

Salary Fact: As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for restaurant servers was approximately $14 in 2022.

Vital takeaways

Serve up success with a first-rate restaurant server resume:

  • Boost your resume by adding a convincing cover letter that shows how much you love serving people.

  • Personalize your applications and establish direct connections with hiring decision-makers whenever feasible.

  • Highlight your commitment to customer satisfaction and effective teamwork.

  • Ensure your resume and cover letter look good and make a strong impression.

Dive deeper into resume creation with our article, "How to Make a Resume."

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Use the sample resume below, which was created using the Slim template of Resumonk as your recipe. Bon appétit on your career path!

Joe Tibbs

Restaurant Server

Phone: 831-758-7214
Address: 1656 Union Street,
P.O. Box 3700,

Passionate and customer-centric server with over 4 years of dedicated experience in delivering exceptional dining encounters. Proficient in menu curation, adept at upselling strategies, and skilled in orchestrating seamless operations. Committed to creating memorable dining moments through attentive service and collaborative teamwork.


Alacrity Chain of Hotels and Restaurants

Senior Restaurant Server

2021 to Present
  • Delivered comprehensive explanations of menu items and recommended dishes tailored to the customer's preferences.
  • Presented daily specials with detailed insights into exclusive offerings for the day.
  • Vigilantly oversaw the quality and portion size of each order.
  • Guaranteed impeccable food presentation and timely delivery.
  • Managed and monitored inventory levels to maintain optimal stock.

Happy Day Eateries

Junior Restaurant Server

2019 to 2021
  • Escorted guests to their seats and managed space allocation on especially hectic days.
  • Served welcome drinks and took orders from customers. 
  • Double-checked orders meticulously before relaying them to the kitchen, ensuring precision and operational efficiency.
  • Served orders promptly, adhering to a seamless dining experience.
  • Suggested desserts and drinks for customers to enjoy.
  • Presented bills and processed payments for customers with accuracy.
  • Swiftly cleared tables and sanitized surfaces to maintain a clean dining environment.
  • Ensured the preparation and placement of fresh tableware for subsequent customers.

Cafe Coffee Day

Service Intern

2018 to 2019
  • Relayed orders to the kitchen and kept track of orders
  • Served food and refilled glasses
  • Prepared tables by laying table cloth and dishes
  • Offered special desserts of the day by highlighting the attractive offers on them
  • Cleaned tables and dining areas, including counters and kitchen areas
  • Boosted the coffee shop’s earnings by 15% by introducing window displays as a marketing gimmick


University of Phoenix

Diploma in Catering

2020 to 2021

Specialisation in Gourmet Catering

University of Houston

Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management

2017 to 2018


  • TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS)
  • ServSafe Food Handler


  • Customer service
  • Menu knowledge
  • Table organization
  • Payment handling
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving



(Professional working proficiency),


(Elementary proficiency)


  • Received the "Star Server" award for consistently delivering remarkable customer service and fostering a harmonious team environment. 
  • Selected to attend the company-sponsored workshop on Cicerone Certification.


  • Contributed actively to a local food drive, championing community welfare through participation.
  • Volunteered in serving meals at a community shelter, contributing positively to societal well-being.


  • I love learning new cooking techniques at workshops.
  • Exploring different foods at local festivals is my favorite pastime.
  • I share my cooking adventures on my blog and enjoy taking photos of meals.
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