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A Customer Success Manager's Guide to Building Strong &  Lasting Client Connections!


As a customer success manager, your role is fundamental in fostering enduring relationships with clients. Your commitment to understanding their needs, offering tailored product support, and providing insightful advice is vital to maintaining client satisfaction. The journey to success with each client is as important as the results achieved, highlighting your thoughtful strategies.

Guiding customers in making informed decisions and empowering them to gain a competitive edge unique to their needs and goals is a crucial aspect of your role. 

To transition these skills into landing your next opportunity, your resume should effectively communicate your ability to influence and maintain strong customer relationships.

Resumonk is here to support you in this journey. Our variety of resume samples and detailed writing guides help you showcase your skills and experiences, ensuring you make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Essential duties of a customer success manager

In B2B environments, customer success managers (CSMs) ensure clients maximize the use and benefits of products and services, providing key business insights and fresh perspectives. 

Unlike traditional sales or marketing roles, CSMs optimize client experiences by blending sales techniques with persuasive marketing strategies. They focus on creatively engaging clients to deepen their involvement with the company's offerings maintaining dynamic customer relationships to deter clients from seeking alternatives.

Daily tasks of a customer success manager include:

  • Client management: Maintaining and enhancing relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are met for high satisfaction.

  • Client onboarding: Assisting new clients in understanding and using products effectively.

  • Customer retention: Employing methods to keep customers engaged and minimize turnover, including regular communication and support.

  • Product knowledge: Keeping up-to-date with the company's offerings to provide informed advice to clients.

  • Feedback review: Collect and evaluate customer feedback for potential improvements.

  • Team collaboration: Coordinating with sales, marketing, and development teams to integrate customer feedback into company strategies.

  • Issue resolution: Solving customer problems to ensure a positive experience.

  • Account oversight: Handling client accounts, managing renewals, and exploring opportunities for additional sales.

  • Performance monitoring: Tracking customer interaction metrics to identify areas for improvement.

  • Professional growth: Continuously learning about industry developments and best practices in customer success.

  • Effective communication: Interacting clearly with clients to manage expectations and foster trust.

  • Strategic planning: Creating and executing strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to business growth.

Essential elements for a customer success manager’s resume

In your resume, highlight your expertise in managing customer relationships and your successful track record in enhancing client satisfaction and retention. Emphasize your experience with customer engagement strategies and strong interpersonal skills, showcasing your ability to foster lasting client connections and contribute to business growth.

Include these elements to create a comprehensive and compelling resume:

Resume format

Select a resume format that effectively presents your customer success manager experience and achievements clearly and captivatingly. Consider these resume formats, each offering unique advantages for a CSM:

  • Reverse chronological: This format showcases your career journey starting from your most recent role. It's best suited for customer success managers with a consistent career path.

  • Functional: This style emphasizes skills and competencies over chronological work history, making it a good choice for those with career gaps or transitioning into customer success roles.

  • Combination (Hybrid): A blend of the two, this format allows you to highlight your essential skills and career progression. Ideal for customer success managers with varied experiences or different roles.

Header: Contact information

Begin your resume with a clear and accessible header containing your up-to-date contact information:

  • Full Name and credentials: Start with your name and any pertinent qualifications or certifications in customer success or related areas.

  • Phone number: List a current phone number to ensure you're easily reachable.

  • Location: State your city and region to provide a geographical context.

  • Email: Use a professional email address for correspondence.

  • Online presence: Include links to your LinkedIn profile or personal website, highlighting your achievements and expertise in customer success.

Resume summary

Start your resume with a clear introduction of who you are, emphasizing your competencies, experience, and qualifications related to customer success. This resume summary gives employers an insight into your professional background and suitability for the role.

Professional experience

A detailed work experience section is crucial. Focus on outlining your career progression, emphasizing impactful contributions and achievements and the unique value you bring to customer success roles. Here's how to construct it effectively:

  • Begin with your latest role and proceed in reverse chronological order.

  • For each position, include:

    • job title

    • the company name

    • the period of employment.

  • Use bullet points to detail your responsibilities and quantifiable accomplishments in each role, starting each point with a dynamic action verb.

  • Highlight specific skills and strategies you've applied in your customer success roles, like "Specialized in developing onboarding protocols to improve customer experiences."

  • If you're new to customer success, consider including relevant educational background and activities, focusing on experiences demonstrating transferable skills and potential. Our guide, 'How to Write a Resume With No Experience,' offers more insights.

Educational credentials

A solid educational foundation can enhance your profile, demonstrating your commitment and expertise in the field. Degrees in business, marketing, or similar areas are common among customer success managers. You can include:

  • Degree name

  • College or university name

  • Study duration

  • Honors & notable achievements (if applicable)

  • You may list additional certifications or training relevant to customer success in a separate section.

Necessary skills for a customer success manager

A customer success manager must have strong communication, commercial insight, and practical influence. Showcase your soft skills through your work history and emphasize your tech-savviness in managing customer relationships. Back up these skills with concrete examples, especially in interview settings.

Technical (Hard) skills:

  • Data analysis

  • Technological proficiency

  • Product knowledge

  • Project management

  • Customer retention

  • Feedback analysis

  • Leadership

  • Training

Soft skills:

  • Communication

  • Relationship building

  • Problem-solving

  • Active listening

  • Empathy

  • Time management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Adaptability

  • Strategic thinking

  • Team collaboration

  • Attention-to-detail

  • Negotiation

  • Patience

Enhancing your resume with additional sections

Include specialized sections in your resume to spotlight your distinct approach and critical contributions, offering a fuller picture of your unique professional capabilities and achievements.

Personal projects

Include personal projects that reflect skills pertinent to a customer success manager, particularly useful for entry-level candidates. Highlight initiatives such as developing customer engagement strategies or creating feedback systems, showcasing abilities in client relations, and problem-solving gained outside of traditional work or academic environments.


Adding certifications and specialized training to your resume is vital for a customer success manager to establish your expertise and enhance your professional standing. These credentials prove your dedication to the field and your skills in essential aspects of customer success management. You may consider including:

Professional memberships

List relevant professional memberships on your resume to display your active involvement and commitment to the customer success sector. These affiliations show your dedication to professional development and staying current with industry advancements.

Language proficiency

For customer success managers, fluency in multiple languages can be a significant asset, facilitating effective communication with a diverse clientele. Include the languages you speak and your level of fluency to showcase your ability to connect with clients from various backgrounds.

Notable accomplishments

Highlight your significant achievements as a customer success manager, which could include:

  • Customer satisfaction and service awards

  • Acknowledgements from industry-specific customer success groups

  • Key roles in successful customer initiatives or programs

Continued learning

Emphasize your commitment to professional growth in customer success with examples such as:

  • Advanced training in client relationship or success management

  • Active participation in customer success or service-focused workshops and events

  • Courses or certifications in emerging strategies and tools for customer engagement

Personal interests

On your resume, mention personal interests that align with skills beneficial for a customer success manager. Examples include:

  • Community service or customer-focused volunteering

  • Activities that showcase your collaborative, strategic, or communication skills

  • Hobbies that require critical thinking or creative problem-solving

Action verbs for the customer success manager resume

Employ impactful action verbs to highlight your achievements and responsibilities in customer success management, adding a dynamic and proactive tone to your resume.

A good idea is to select verbs from the job descriptions that align with your specific duties and achievements.

Use verbs like these to underscore your proficiency in customer success management:

  • Coordinated

  • Managed

  • Implemented

  • Enhanced

  • Facilitated

  • Developed

  • Negotiated

  • Resolved

  • Advised

  • Monitored

  • Optimized

  • Engaged

  • Cultivated

  • Analyzed

  • Streamlined

  • Customized

  • Delivered

  • Improved

  • Maintained

  • Innovated

Practical resume tips 

  • Cover letter: Write a brief yet impactful cover letter that conveys your passion for customer success. Focus on experiences and skills that are relevant to the role.

  • Resume design: Opt for a clean and professional resume template that reflects the organized and customer-focused nature of the role.

  • Clear format: Ensure your resume is reader-friendly with straightforward fonts and distinct headings for easy navigation.

  • Attention to detail: Proofread your resume to eliminate typos or grammatical errors, ensuring a polished and professional presentation.

  • Resume tailoring: Customize your resume for each job application, highlighting how your expertise aligns with the position's needs.

For further insights into crafting a standout resume, consult our detailed guide on 'How to Make a Resume,' which provides essential tips for creating a compelling resume for customer success positions.

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Kickstart your journey in customer success with our specialized resume example, crafted using Resumonk’s Collegium template.

Jordan Smith

Certified Customer Success Manager

Phone: (555) 123-4567
Address: Austin, TX

Customer Success Manager with 7+ years of experience, adept in enhancing customer retention by 30% and driving growth. Expert in developing engagement strategies and using CRM tools. Proven leadership in cross-functional teamwork, coupled with strong communication and problem-solving skills.


TechSolutions Inc., Austin, TX

Senior Customer Success Manager

July 2018 - Present
  • Primary role: Oversaw customer success operations, focusing on maximizing client satisfaction and product engagement.
  • Elevated client retention by 35% through strategic relationship management of over 60 key accounts.
  • Led overhauling the customer onboarding process, slashing customer churn by 50%.
  • Partnered with the product team to funnel customer feedback into 3 significant product enhancements, directly aligning product development with client needs.

Innovatech LLC, Dallas, TX

Customer Success Manager

May 2016 - June 2018
  • Primary role: Focused on optimizing client experiences and relationship management for a portfolio of 40+ accounts.
  • Secured a 98% satisfaction rate through targeted customer service strategies and proactive client engagement.
  • Initiated and conducted bi-weekly product training webinars, boosting active user rates by 25%.
  • Resolved customer issues efficiently, contributing significantly to the company’s top Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 75.


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

August 2012 - May 2016

Graduated with Honors with a GPA of 3.7.


Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM)

Certification highlighting expertise in customer success management strategies and practices.

HubSpot Service Hub Software Certified

Certified proficiency in using HubSpot’s Service Hub software for customer relationship management. 


Technical Skills: Advanced CRM Knowledge | Data Analytics | Project Management Tools
Soft Skills: Effective Communication | Strategic Planning | Empathetic Client Relations | Teamwork

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)
  • Customer Success Association (CSA)

Personal Interests

  • Tech Enthusiast: Keen interest in emerging technologies and industry trends, attending local tech meetups.
  • Reading: Avid reader of books on business strategy and customer relationship management.
  • Community Engagement: Led a successful customer feedback initiative for a local non-profit, applying professional skills to a philanthropic cause.
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