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Sorority Dreams Begin Here: Resumonk Bridges the Way!

As you enter college, joining a sorority might be on your horizon. Beyond social events, a sorority offers valuable connections and a supportive community. Your ticket in? A well-crafted sorority resume that reflects your accomplishments, genuine spirit, and goals.

We've compiled a set of guidelines and advice to aid you in creating a sorority resume that maximizes your odds of securing a bid from your preferred sorority.

For a better understanding, explore our sample resume featured at the end of this guide.

Sorority resume essentials

A sorority resume goes beyond the basics of academic achievements and work experiences found in a standard resume. It provides a broader glimpse into your personal life, spotlighting hobbies, and even family details. This added layer provides alumnae with a more comprehensive view, aiding them in drafting a heartfelt recommendation.

Here are the core elements to weave into your sorority resume:

Header: essential contact details

For straightforward communication with sororities, ensure your contact details are clearly outlined at the beginning of your resume. Include the following essentials:

  • Name and Affiliation: Highlight your name and a title or affiliation relevant to your sorority aspirations.

  • Phone Number: Preferably, provide your mobile number for prompt responses.

  • Location: Mention a broader area, like 'Los Angeles' or 'New York City', to provide context without being overly specific.

  • Email Address: Stick to a simple, professional email format, steering clear of quirky nicknames.

  • LinkedIn or Portfolio Link (if applicable): A polished LinkedIn profile or a personal website can offer a deeper insight into your achievements and interests.

  • Avoid adding overly personal details, such as date of birth or marital status, as they're irrelevant in this context.

Sorority resume summary

Your resume summary is an introduction and sets the tone for the sorority - sparking curiosity and inviting them to learn more. Highlight your skills, past experiences, and the potential contributions you bring.

Recommendations for a concise overview:

  • Stay Brief: Aim for 3-5 lines, giving enough detail to prompt further reading.

  • Know the Sorority: Tailor your summary that aligns with the sorority's core values, hinting at how you might fit in.

  • Be Genuine: Avoid overused phrases and choose words that genuinely describe your experiences or aspirations.

Need Help? Our blog offers detailed steps on writing an effective resume summary, including practical examples.

Core skills of a Sorority resume

Enhance your sorority resume by highlighting the soft skills that directly align with the roles you're pursuing within the sorority.  This section serves as a valuable tool to capture immediate attention. Here are several skills highly valued by sororities:

  • Leadership

  • Team collaboration

  • Communication

  • Time management

  • Adaptability

  • Conflict resolution

  • Organizational skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Empathy

  • Event planning

  • Critical thinking

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Accountability

  • Cultural sensitivity

  • Networking

  • Public speaking


Your academic achievements provide sororities with insight into your dedication and discipline. Many sororities have GPA benchmarks for Potential New Members (PNMs); it's beneficial to consult each chapter's website for specifics.

Begin with your high school achievements. Mention your graduation year, GPA, any honors received, and relevant test scores. Then, transition into details regarding your current university or college: specify your major and the projected graduation year.

Ensure your education section includes the following:

  • High school name

  • Graduation year

  • Overall GPA

  • Noteworthy courses (AP or dual credit)

  • Relevant test scores (like ACT or SAT)

Honors and Achievements

Your high school years are filled with milestones showcasing your academic and extracurricular prowess. Use this section to spotlight those accomplishments. Remember, while scholastic achievements are vital, your involvement outside the classroom speaks volumes about your character and dedication. 

Focus on achievements during high school; earlier elementary or middle school accolades can be omitted.

Consider highlighting:

  • Leadership experiences - e.g., class president, captain of the basketball team

  • Awards or certificates received - e.g., winner of the photography contest

  • Key events you contributed to or spearheaded - e.g., cheerleader of the year

  • Positions held in clubs or student governance - e.g., editor of the student newspaper

Extracurricular activities

Sororities value well-rounded members. Your extracurricular engagements reveal your passions, leadership skills, and commitment. Highlight activities that align with the sorority's values, detailing your roles and achievements.

This section demonstrates your ability to balance responsibilities and contribute to community and personal growth. Let each activity underscore your potential as a valuable sorority member.

For each activity, detail it like any other experience: outline your role, describe your nature of involvement, note accomplishments, and specify the timeframe.

Consider categorizing these activities under the following sections:


Community initiatives/Volunteer work

Sororities deeply value philanthropy and community service. Emphasize your community engagements, which resonate with their values and underscore your dedication. Brief explanations can add clarity to any complex activities. Examples include:

  •  Volunteering at local shelters
  • Organizing charity events

  • Participating in community clean-ups.



Being part of clubs and groups exemplifies your proactive approach and enriches your resume. Here are some examples demonstrating your diverse involvement and commitment to different aspects of your community and personal development:

  •  Student Government Association
  • Debate Club

  • National Honor Society

  • Environmental Club

  • Choir or Music Ensemble

  • Drama Club

  • Youth Volunteer Organizations

  • Math or Science Club

  • Sports Teams (e.g., Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field)

  • Art or Photography Club

  • Model United Nations

  • Girl scouts Programs 

  • Dance Troupes or Clubs


Language skills

Are you proficient in a second language? That's a testament to your dedication and competence. Consider adding languages to your sorority resume, mainly if other members speak them.



Including certifications such as First Aid, CNA, or others in your resume enhances your well-rounded profile, showcasing your commitment to skill development and safety.



If you've authored articles for blogs or newspapers or created influential videos, consider showcasing them on your resume. These achievements can leave a lasting impression on your fellow sorority members and increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

Work experience

Your employment history, including internships and part-time jobs like babysitting and landscaping, has a place on your sorority resume. These roles reflect qualities such as trustworthiness, responsibility, and teamwork. Follow the below tips:

  • Keep it concise: Unlike traditional resumes, use brief one or two-sentence descriptions for each employment entry.

  • Highlight responsibilities and achievements: Summarize primary duties and noteworthy accomplishments.

  • Include duration: Mention the length of your employment with each organization.

  • Reverse chronological order: List previous positions from most recent to oldest to emphasize your recent impact effectively.  Refer to our resume formats guide to learn about other formats available.

Greek affiliations

This section holds significance, especially if you have a legacy connection with sororities. If your immediate family members, such as your sister, mother, or grandmother, have been a part of a sorority, it's worth mentioning, even if not all chapters prioritize legacies.

Format it as follows:

  • Family member's full name

  • Your relationship with them

  • The sorority or fraternity they were affiliated with

  • The chapter they belonged to

  • The university where they were part of the Greek community

  • Their graduation year

It emphasizes your family's link to Greek life, enriching your sorority resume and potentially providing an advantage if you aim to join the same sorority as a family member.

Additional tips for your Sorority resume

 These tips enhance your sorority resume's overall quality and impact, making it more appealing to admissions committees.

  • Personalization: Research the specific sororities you're applying to and customize your resume to align with their values and mission, demonstrating genuine interest.

  • Design and layout: Stick to a 2-3 color palette and use a consistent typeface family. Ensure ample white space for a visually pleasing layout.

  • Professional photo: Include a clear, headshot-style photo that conveys professionalism and approachability. Avoid group photos or overly casual shots.

  • Proofreading: Review your resume carefully, reading it aloud to catch any awkward phrasing. Consider using tools like Grammarly or seeking a second opinion.

  • Precise segmentation: Organize your resume into clear sections for easy readability.

  • Readability: Choose legible fonts to ensure a visually appealing resume.

  • Consistency: Maintain uniform formatting throughout your resume. If you bold one job title, bold them all.

  • Action verbs: Start each bullet point with dynamic action verbs like "led," "managed," "created," or "optimized" to infuse energy into your responsibilities and achievements.

  • Cover letter: Consider complementing your resume with a compelling cover letter highlighting your qualifications and potential contributions to the sorority.

  • PDF format: When submitting your resume, convert it to PDF unless another format is specified.

Check out our beginner's guide for expert tips on crafting a winning resume.

Resumonk: The resume powerhouse

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Explore the sample sorority resume below, created with Resumonk's Elemental template, for valuable insights on crafting your impressive sorority application.

Thumb photo image

Samantha Clarke

Phone: (212) 123-4567
Address: New York City

An enthusiastic and dedicated scholar with a robust background in leadership roles, community outreach, and teamwork. Eager to contribute to and learn from the Greek community, underscoring shared values and objectives.


Los Angeles Central High School

  • GPA: 3.9
  • Highlighted Courses: AP Literature, Dual Credit Math

Temple University, Los Angeles, CA

Candidate: Bachelor's Degree

Expected Graduation: 2026


Local Museum


Summer 2021
  • Conducted guided tours
  • Assisted in curation of exhibitions

Community Initiatives

  • Organized community book drive (2021)
  • Volunteer at Elderly Care Home (2019-2021)


  • Debate Team Member (2018-2020)
  • Mathlete Champion (2019-2022)
  • Choir Member (2019-2021)
  • President, Environmental Club (2020-2022)


  • Digital Marketing Course (2021)
  • CPR Certified (2020)


  • Personal Blog Post on "Benefits of Continuous Learning" (2022)
  • Article on "Youth in Community Service" for School Magazine (2020)

Greek Affiliations

Isabella Martinez (Aunt)

  • Kappa Delta Sorority
  • University of California Chapter
  • Graduated in 2002


  • Public Speaking

  • Event Planning
  • Networking

  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving


  • Head Organizer, Annual Charity Marathon (2021)
  • Secretary, Student Council (2020-2021)
  • Winner, School Art Competition (2021)






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