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A undergraduate college student seeking an internship would typically be expected to engage in a 4-8 weeks-long commitment towards a specific project goal.

Typical activities would include:

  • Performing a research analysis of the project
  • Understanding the current progress made in this field of research
  • Suggesting novel approaches to achieving the project goals
  • Documentation

College Student Resume Tips:

  • Mention your specific area of interest
  • Ensure that you highlight the research activity carried out by you in your field of interest by means of project undertakings, research papers/conferences
  • If you have any specific requirements from the project that you seek, in terms of project duration, methodology, etc., do make sure that you put that in as well.

Lily Evans

Microbiology Intern

Phone: 873-882-8891
Address: 202 Ridge-wood Road,
Baltimore, MD-21210

Professional Profile

Currently, in the final year of BSc. in Biotechnology (specialization: Microbiology), University of Maryland, School of Medicine.


University of Maryland, School of Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (CGPA: 3.78)

2012 to Present
  • Majors in Microbiology

Westland Middle School

High School (Aggregate Percentage: 92.28%)

2010 to 2012


Microbial Redox Cofactor Regeneration

Annual Semester Project Lead

July 2013 to December 2013

Research based on facilitating anaerobic redox cofactor regeneration to achieve higher productivity and to siginificantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Methodology Employed:

  • Microbial cell culture
  • Fermentations and Genetic Cloning
  • Carbon flux analysis and Redox balance analysis

Study of Lateral Gene Transfer in L. rhamnosus plastids

Research Assistant

May 2014 to July 2014
  • Investigated the changing variability in strain  in terms of plasmids' presence.
  • Analysed the composition of possible plasmids in the L. rhamnosus species by studying a set of 77 strains in-vitro.

Research Conference

General Meeting, American Society for Microbiology

December 2014

Co-presenters: Lisa Rodriguez and Prof T. Jeremy

  • A detailed analysis  of the bacterium genome found in the Crambe crambe sponge. 
  • A general hypothesis on the symbiosis between sponges and this bacteria.


  • American Society of Microbiology
  • Society for Applied Microbiology

Relevant Courses

Microbial Cell and Diversity, Microbiolology, Microbial growth and control, Biostatistics and Mathematics, Genetics and central dogma, Chromosome structure and Inheritance

Community Services

Prince George's County, Maryland

Senior Easter Baskets

February 2011 to Present
  • Dedicated to the cause of providing nourishment and food to destitute senior citizens.
  • Part of the monthly "A Smile for the Grandparents" initiative, giving 5 hours per week for the cause.
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