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Published 11 months ago

Headquarters: Basel

Do you understand TikTok like no one else and have a good understanding of marketing to make accounts go viral?

We’re looking for a TikTok Manager for our Female Influencer Agency

Until now, we’ve been able to manage everything ourselves with the help of a few freelancers. But now, we’ve come to a point where we’ve grown too much and quality starts decreasing due to lack of individual management.

That’s why now we need you!

You should be able to, with our help, manage 3-5 Influencers on TikTok and help us growing them as big as we can!

This means your job includes:

1. Understanding current TikTok Trends
2. Finding the perfect matching TikTok Trends for each Influencer
3. Making sure the personal branding of each Influencer looks flawless
4. Making sure the whole funnel from TikTok to Instagram works perfectly 

Your whole day consists of these things. It might sound easy, but in today's competitive market, this is a very difficult job and requires a lot of skill.

You’ll be guided through everything and we’ll always be in close contact. 

What we are searching for here is not just an employee, we really want a new, very important figure within the company who can make a big impact.

The salary consists of a basis salary with a performance-based commission on top of that.

If you apply, please send us

1. Your CV
2. All the experience you had with Social Media Marketing in general
3. All the experience you had with TikTok specifically
4. A reason why we should pick you instead of someone else

Best of luck!

To apply: