Published 17 days ago

design digital nomad senior

Are you interested in building the technical foundation of the worldwide transition to clean energy?

As an engineer on the integrations team, you will be tasked with performing a sort of magic trick. On one hand, you will need to build out services to make our modern, cloud-based infrastructure look like a collection of power plants to more than a dozen wholesale energy markets. This includes real-time telemetry integrations, dispatch integrations, market offer submission, and more. Complicating the problem: every market has a different idea of what a power plant looks like, and we need to accommodate all of them.

On the other hand, you will be responsible for distilling that wide range of market signals and communicating simple instructions to customers. “Communicating” might mean sending a text or email, but it also means toggling on a generator, transferring a factory from grid power to battery power, or integrating with building management APIs to change the climate control setpoints at a few hundred retailers.

We’re looking for someone to make high-impact changes in our small, tight-knit engineering organization. The integrations team sits at the intersection of many internal teams and many external partners. We have the opportunity to do impactful work and we want you to be a part of it.