Published 19 days ago

web dev dev design is the world’s prime reference for genetic variant interpretation. With over 500 citations in scientific papers and 300K users, we are seeking to bring together all human expertise in molecular genetics and make it available to doctors and researchers worldwide to improve the lives of their patients.

You will be joining our front-end development team as an experienced JavaScript front-end web developer - depending on experience this can become a team-lead role. Our core frontend technologies include the ReactJS Javascript framework but we also utilize the Vue JS framework on particular applications, using webpack to bundle CSS, LESS or SASS and Javascript code into reusable components. A Python based REST API layer backed by a high-performance C++ back-end and proprietary database formats optimised for genetic information, provides data to our frontend stack. Our platform is entirely Linux based, hosted in Google Cloud as well as our own high-security data-centre. We follow an Agile development process, most projects will touch multiple developers across the stack, but we keep individual tasks small (3 to 5 days) to remain responsive and deliver consistently.

Your main responsibility will be to deliver an integrated suite of interactive UI components. You will play a key role in their design, working with back-end developers and genetic experts, to ensure our users are able to work efficiently and accurately. We deal with vast quantities of scientific data which presents a real challenge in understanding how best to display it, providing many opportunities for innovation. 

This is a fully remote role: our core development team is located around Athens (though even our local staff work mostly from home), with other developers in the UK & Switzerland. Everybody speaks good English and the company is very experienced in coordinating a regionally distributed team, using an Agile work-flow. There will also be opportunities to travel occasionally, once Covid restrictions are lifted, to meet co-workers in person for off-sites or specific projects.