Published 22 days ago

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Lead Developer

General Job Description: Takes the leadâworking closely with our Web Content Manager and Information Technology Directorâin architecting, managing, documenting, developing, testing, and debugging various Ruby and Vue applications. Writes software that helps process and present data across a multitude of data sources and projects.


  • Responsible for the architecture of our Ruby on Rails / Vue web applications;
  • Develops and documents new features and functionality across a range of web applications;
  • Writes tests to ensure proper functionality of our apps;
  • Responsible for upgrading web application to newer versions Ruby and Ruby on Rails and Vue;
  • Coordinates with content providers to migrate content from our PhP site to our Ruby on Rails based platform;
  • Builds interfaces and software that work with large datasets in SQL and No-SQL.


  • Expertise with the Ruby on Rails web framework
  • Expertise with the Vue front-end framework
  • Expertise with web technologies, such as Javascript, JQuery, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with APIs and REST applications
  • Experience with multiple programming languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript (including Node.js)
  • Experience with Git and version control
  • Desire to solve complex problems employing datastores such as MSSQL, MongoDB and MySQL, MSSQL
  • Enthusiastic about big data and the political process
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, agile work environment with frequent changes
  • Project management skills
  • Excellent communication skills