Published about 2 months ago

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

About The Job

We are offering a unique role for a talented online marketer, with a lot of freedom, responsibility, and ownership to help interesting SaaS Startups grow.  Upon excellent performance, you will get the chance to become partner is one or two of our businesses.

We are looking for an experienced online marketer who can work independently to create marketing funnels (i.e. improve or create and write landing pages, ads, emails, etc). You are a strong communicator, with expierencein working with clients directly. It's important that you're able to write short copy yourself (i.e. for Ads). You will also act as a project manager for other specialists, i.e. a designer, an email marketing specialist.

We are looking for a senior marketeer who can quickly understand a product and its value proposition and can come up with experiments, ads pitches and landing pages.

Long term, 2-3 days per week position (will grow in next few months)

Required skills

- You have experience with B2B online marketing. Experience with B2B SaaS marketing is a plus.

- You have at experience working directly with clients and can boil down complex problems into easy decisions.

- Ability to very quickly understand/learn online tools without any help (i.e. online marketing tools, CRM's, and other B2B SaaS tools).

- You know quite some tools that are often used by B2B SaaS businesses and worked with many of them. 

- You worked as a growth hacker or allround online marketeer before.

- You set up an entire marketing funnel (advertising, website, forms, drip) before (or major parts of it) (I'm not talking text and design, more the overall design and setup)

- Ability to communicate professionally, clearly and to the point with me and my clients.

- Ability to manage and work with experts/team members for certain specialist tasks (i.e. design, etc)

- Precision and attention to detail.

- You can take a data-driven helicopter view of a marketing funnel, and ideally also diagnose issues and propose improvements.

- You know several analytics tools, important marketing and sales KPI's and know how to get them from these tools

- Nice to have: You have some understanding of B2B SaaS businesses, i.e. you know what a sales funnel is, you know what CAC and LTV are, and know important KPIs in marketing.
- You are a bit of a mini CEO, and don't mind taking on tasks you never did before

Example tasks

- Design and implement an experiment, i.e. an improved ad campaign and funnel. 
- Come up with strategies/experiments to generate more demo call bookings or trials. 
- Create a new end2end funnel to try out a different pitch (i.e. emails or ads, landing pages, forms, email sequences, etc)
- Setup a meeting booking form and calendly on a website and connect it to a CRM (i.e. directly or with the help of zapier).
- Project management of the setup of a new homepage or sales funnel from A-Z (with of course plenty of input from my side)

About us
- B2B SaaS consultancy firm (Marketing/Sales/Product), focusing on data-driven growth, and we also have our own saas product. 
- 10+ person distributed team

Question? Or apply right away?
If you have any questions about this position, don't hesitate to contact [email protected] (not: .com).

To apply please send your CV to [email protected], no motivation letter is required. We will send you some short screening questions to answer, which we will use to select a shortlist of candidates that we will interview. 

To apply: