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Published 9 months ago

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

We are seeking a remote, freelance web designer to join our team and create visually stunning and user-friendly website designs. The ideal candidate will have experience working in Readymag or Webflow (ONLY) and have a strong background in web design, user experience (UX) design, and visual design.


  • Design visually stunning and user-friendly websites in Readymag or Webflow (ONLY)
  • Understand the brief
  • Create prototypes to communicate design idea
  • Collaborate with our team to ensure that all designs are on-brand and consistent with our brand guidelines
  • Meet deadlines for design submissions and revisions


  • Experience in Webflow or Readymag (please share relevant projects)
  • Strong web design, UX design, and visual design skills
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work well in a team

This is a remote, freelance position and candidates can work from anywhere. To apply, please submit an application describing your relevant qualifications and experience.

The Brief  

We're launching our new agency to the world. DNA we're an independent Creative Content Agency and we have a Platform (we make newsrooms, media centres and content hubs for our clients) we need to show prospects and website visitors that we offer core agency services (strategy, design, content, development) as well as our DNA platform which is being used by global brands.

We're an independent collective. 


We’d like to strike the balance/ energy of a new kind of agency. A bit of a disruptor. Look & Feel - We like contrast, bold design to reflect our bold personality. Strike the right balance between showing of our platform (tech company) meets (a creative content agency) We like old (traditional comms, newspaper feel)  and new (tech) Not only are we an amazing team of talented people - but we also have an incredible platform. One that has been designed through the lens of -

  1. What agencies need to work better with clients and streamline their processes (collaborative tools, file sharing, organising projects, one place for all your info, easy to use)
  2. How media users like to view and access media - helping them do their job better (user journey, powerful search, up-to-date and latest company news, easily searchable, accessible, and shareable)
  3. What our clients want (including all the above benefits) finally a content platform they love - so we’re always listening, improving and adding new features. 

Must Haves 

  • Modules should be interactive / animated and have a mix of elements. Some should be user controlled, others via scroll or click/drag. (as per all the examples shown/ shared in the brief.)

Nice to haves / Watch outs

  • Create elements using the DNA shapes. (the logo can be broken up into shapes - these can be used as buttons, interactive elements i.e. the diamond, the deconstructed N, Half moon of the D)

To apply: