Published 9 months ago

Headquarters: Miami, FL

We’re Social Mobile, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Florida. As a mobility solutions provider, we offer services critical to organizations that are looking to bring to market innovative mobile products. In layman’s terms, you ask? Well, we design, engineer, and manufacture unique mobile solutions that enable some of the most interesting companies in the world (some of which you likely use regularly) to bring smart solutions to market quickly and efficiently, and then we deploy and support these large-scale fleets of devices to make our client’s business operations even easier.  
Our clients come from diverse industries, many of which form the cornerstones of our modern society, including healthcare, retail, defense and food delivery. So, in a sense, working at Social Mobile means you’ll be helping to enhance and streamline the functioning of our everyday lives.  
Still reading? Well, here’s what WE’RE looking for. The ideal Social Mobile employee is someone who is accountable, can work independently or as part of a team, and has an interest in propelling innovative technology into the broader ecosystem. We’re looking for team members that will speak their mind, accept feedback, and continue to drive our growth. 
If you think you fit the bill, and you’re curious to hear more, we’d love to see your application
We are looking for an experienced Director of Platform Engineering to join our globally dispersed Engineering & UX team, within the Product & Engineering department.
The Director of Platform Engineering (DPE) will oversee all Social Mobile contract and outsourced developers working within the Platform Engineering division. As the main point of contact for all current and future Platform development projects, the DPE manages required resource allocation, scheduling and delegating tasks required to successfully complete Social Mobile’s initiatives.
Working directly with clients, senior management, and vendor partners, the DPE will be the face of Platform Engineering and work to continuously improve the development standards of all projects. The DPE will establish project milestones and work to complete projects effectively, on time, and within the set budget. 

  • Review all projects to determine viability, allocate resources, create project plans and ensure on time deliveries
  • Work directly with clients as the Engineering representative of Social Mobile, to provide help, understand challenges, provide solutions
  • Manage all developer communications with client or vendor partner projects
  • Oversee technical project management of all implemented solutions
  • Ensure development best practices are adhered to, implement the required development policies, QA, code tests and more
  • Collaborate with the Chief Product Officer (CPO) on solutions
  • Provide technical guidance for development and assist in roadmapping of solutions based on overhead and work effort
  • Oversee the day-to-day management of Platform Development
  • Maintain availability of platform
  • Oversee step by step development of a product
  • Manage and maintain the development and launch of all RHINO (internal hardware portfolio) related software products and services both in use today and roadmapped for future. Including, but not limited to, server implementation, app implementation, cost and resource/maintenance analysis, and technical viability
  • Regulate the technical implementation of new features, maintenance of existing platform, invest in performance improvements, disaster recovery and load balancing techniques, oversee the full technical stack of the Windows (Azure) + Backend + Frontend + components that make up the Mambo solution
  • Provide multi-OS support, multi-arch support, on-prem support, further white label refinements, oversee the feature roadmap to ensure Mambo provides zero-day feature support as we progress towards a multi-arch implementation to further reduce costs and resource requirements
  • Contribute source code where appropriate, for which languages/technologies include NodeJS, Vue, Android (java, kotlin), .net, GoLang
  • Manage both clients and demo accounts including running demos of software to clients
  • Demonstrate solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts and maintain comprehensive documentation of all solutions
  • Unit-testing code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability
  • Conduct all technical troubleshooting, debugging, hands-on testing, and improving application performance
  • Monitor AMAPI changes and request implementation
  • Provide high quality documentation, well-described and implemented policies and client facing documentation as required
  • Supervise a budget for internal team requirements, training, equipment, etc.
  • 5+ years of development experience in positions of increasing responsibility
  • 2-3 years of database experience/administration – SQL, sqlite, PostgreSQL
  • Strong in multiple developer languages - .net, angular, java, python, kotlin, typescript, golang, js, Suitable for server and OS-side applications
  • Understanding of Microsoft, Linux and Apple environments, GIT technologies, Android/iOS, etc, or mix of
  • Self-motivated, continuous development-minded and agile
  • Understanding of various development platforms and their suitability for specific projects for cloud solutions
  • Experience with cloud security and networking
  • SDLC - Familiar with development technologies and project design
  • Familiar with Android Enterprise and EMM ecosystem
  • Familiarity with DevOps and Azure, to both manage and build upon the services in use by Social Mobile today
  • Strong communicator, gives directions, makes points and provides information clearly in an understandable fashion tailored for the recipient
  • Ability to build applications for multiple platforms for mobile development
  • Availability outside of normal office hours to manage downtime and other DR circumstances, as well as to manage teams in different locations
  • Industry-recognized certifications is a plus
  • Provide a portfolio of prior example work

This position is open to remote workers, you do not need to be located in Miami

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