Published 2 months ago

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About the role:

We are looking for a Developer Relations EVM Engineer to work along with the Developer Relations Advocate and . Developer Relations Scilla Engineer. 

You will take ownership of all aspects pertaining to the development and implementation of advocacy strategies, education, engagement and nurturing of our growing community of developers and dApp incubation programs - specifically in our EVM ecosystem 

You will contribute to building a Developer Ambassador Program and as well as several activities (bounties, AMAâs, hackathons, online and offline events, tutorials, networking, conferences). 

Establish thought leadership within the ecosystem, represent Zilliqa online and offline, as well simplifying onboarding processes to ensure less friction exists for new projects and developers.


You may find yourself doing the following:

  • Identify gaps that are needed to meet the needs of developers, and design creative solutions to meet these needs

  • Assist the community with integrations, develop code tools and templates.

  • Represent the developer community to the Zilliqa product and engineering teams, making sure that everything we build is easy to learn and sensible to use

  • Establish strategic developer relations programs across developer education, experience, marketing, primarily through a Developer Ambassador Program.

  • Foster an active and collaborative open source community and ecosystem via existing channels like Discord, Telegram and

  • Drive discussions around Zilliqa ZRC standards vs Ethereumâs EIP/ERC

  • Support the creation of developer focused content and education materials in a variety of mediums

  • Lead a growing team of developer evangelists and encourage the growth of evangelists in the Zilliqa community


Qualifications / Experience must have:

  • 4+ years of experience in a direct, hands-on technical community or end-user focused role such as developer relations, developer advocacy and technical support

  • Proven proficiency in EVM

  • 3-5 years of programming experience in at least one: JavaScript, C++, React, Rust, Solidity

  • Comfortable speaking, tweeting, writing, and teaching complex technical topics

  • An understanding of full-stack applications and ability to build simple prototypes

  • Experience improving the developer experience through the creation of examples or internal advocacy for developer needs

  • Passionate and excited about the web3 industry and its potential


Qualifications / Experience nice to have:

  • Youâve used to and have familiarity with technologies that make up decentralized applications

  • Experience participating in open source developer communities and great empathy for developer needs

  • Previous experience as a developer evangelist or managing a development team at a technology startup

  • Full-stack experience


Other Skills / Experience that are great to bring with you:

  • Experience contributing to open source communities
  • Experience as a developer evangelist or advocacy