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Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA, USA

The position is for a Client Concierge who will be working 100% remotely. 

We’re looking for the kind of person who naturally prioritizes exceptional service and works hard to exceed client expectations at all times.  The Client Concierge will help our MBA clients maximize their experience here at Do It! Marketing so they can get the best results possible from our mentorship program.

You will be a key part of the team, working with our Director of Training (Theresa) and the entire coaching team (Amanda, Chi, Katie) to be the first point of contact to ensure a 5 star experience for our Do It! MBA clients.  You’ll help our clients eliminate overwhelm, confusion and frustration by making sure they have quick access to everything they need to be successful (teaching content, coaching support, event access, and resources).

  • You’ll be responsible for creating relationships with our clients and making sure they feel heard, seen, appreciated and accounted for so they never feel like they're just a number.  This will include facilitating conversations in the MBA Facebook Group, encouraging them to submit crucial activity metrics, following up with clients after interactions with our coaching team, and celebrating their wins and successes with them as often as possible
  • You need to be very comfortable working with online meeting platforms such as Zoom or GoToMeeting as well as administrative tools such as Trello, Google Suite, OnceHub, and Kajabi
  • You should have a solid track record working with clients and getting results⠀⠀
  • We’ll train you on our core content as well as the common challenges our clients face so you can answer their questions quickly and confidently.  You’ll be expected to drive your own learning and report regularly to our Director of Training on your progress as well as any questions or clarifications you need to speed up your learning process. Once you’re fully up to speed (2-3 months), you’ll be responsible for seamlessly connecting our clients with the resources, support, and education they need to meet the goals they've set for themselves and their business

In addition to the responsibilities above, the successful candidate will possess the following qualities:

  • We’re looking for a concierge who loves helping people and finding the simple path to move clients forward
  • You genuinely care - and clients feel it
  • You're proactive and look for ways to do more than expected
  • You're a team player, offering to help when your teammates could use some support
  • You show integrity and protect our Intellectual Property.  Every action you take is 100% legal, ethical, and would make you proud if you saw it on the evening news
  • Our clients are looking for guidance and leadership.  You’re a great communicator and a confident guide
  • You lead with your energy, meet people where they are, and leave them two levels higher
  • You take ownership, accountability, and responsibility. There is no blame, excuses, or denial around here.  When you say you’ll do something, it gets done
  • You must be steadfast in your own values, while resonating with and respecting the Do It! Marketing Core Values.
  • Most of all, you’ll be committed to delivering a world-class experience for our MBA clients. You’ll be comfortable driving change - and not just for our clients. We’ll expect you to raise issues or challenges as you see them, and actively participate in creating solutions

Position Details
  • This position is a 1099 contractor position and you may work from anywhere
  • Competitive compensation (hourly - depending upon experience) + bonus
  • You must have at least one year of customer service experience (in a remote environment preferred)
  • Generally flexible hours between 9:00 am – 6:00 pm US Eastern, although we do have certain scheduled events during the week which you will be required to attend.  Our strong preference is someone operating in a North American time zone.  Total weekly hours is expected to be between 25-30
  • Must be available for our 30-minute team huddle on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9:30am US Eastern
  • You must have an appropriate setup for video calls along with a stable, dependable internet connection
  • We want someone looking to contribute to our team and clients over the next few years

Who we are 

David Newman is the founder of Do It! Marketing, a 10-person coaching company that works with solo consultants and executive coaches who want to land better clients, bigger deals, and higher fees. 

David is also the creator of the “Do It MBA” which is the #1 revenue growth mentoring program for solo consultants and business coaches. David is the author of the #1 bestselling business books, Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking.

How to apply:

Introduce yourself to us. Show us how you show up for clients.  Shoot a short 2-3 minute video telling us why you would be the best fit for this role. Videos are to be NO more than 3 minutes to be considered. 

Specifically, we'd like to know:

  • We are looking for someone with a team mindset, not a ‘punch the clock’ hired gun.  What makes you want to act as an ‘all in’ part of a team at this time?
  • Which of our Core Values resonates most with you?
  • Why do you want to work as our MBA concierge?  Perhaps mention a similar work experience that you enjoyed
  • A quick guide to making one of your favourite meals
(Remember: We're not looking for a feature-length movie, 3 minutes MAX!)⠀⠀

We value your ability to communicate effectively.  While your video production isn’t so important, take some time preparing what you want to tell us.  No need to read from a script - just speak from the heart and tell us why you're who our clients and our team need.  There’s no prize for first response, we’re looking for how you show up.

Send an email to our COO Charlie Poznek, [email protected] with the subject line "Client Concierge Application" and a link to your video. Please DO NOT send the video file as an attachment. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia, and send a link only in your email.

To apply: