Since 12th May 2015, LinkedIn doesn't allow single-click import of complete profile information. But luckily, it does allow the user to download their profile as a PDF document. We will use that PDF and automatically convert it to a beautiful resume for you.

Step 1: Download your LinkedIn profile as PDF

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account. Click on the 'Me' link in the top menu. Then click "View profile".

    Open your LinkedIn Profile Page

  2. Click the 'More...' button underneath your name, headline & location on your profile page. Then select the 'Save to PDF' option. The PDF file would be downloaded to your computer.

    Download your LinkedIn profile as PDF

Step 2: Upload your saved LinkedIn PDF below

Please note that this functionality is still in BETA and currently imports PDFs in English, French, Italian and German. If you face any issues or would like us to add support for another language as well, please let us know.