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Are your resume templates ATS 'compliant'?

Unfortunately, there is no uniform standard followed by all the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) when it comes to parsing a resume and extracting relevant text out of it. A resume might be parsed perfectly by one software and the same document might not work with another one. In fact, differences exist between different versions of the same software.

Since the ​list of ATS software​ is huge, we can't claim our templates to be ATS friendly across all such systems. There is no way we can verify this claim. Probably no resume builder can say it with any certainty, and it holds true for the friendly local resume writer as well.

Our recommendation is to ideally apply for a job through a referral so that the resume reaches the hiring manager directly. That gives the candidate the best chance and a standout resume/cover letter really helps there. This can't be done for all job applications, but the candidate should strive to do it as much as possible.


Why is it so hard to find the pricing on online resume builder sites?

While online resume builders are really useful, the industry in general suffers from a bad reputation. This comes mostly from billing practices that may not be clearly explained or understood or are, in some cases, misleading.

Many of them don’t disclose their pricing upfront, and start charging the user’s card automatically once the ‘free’ trial period is over. A quick web search of “[Companyname] Reviews” can often throw light on such malpractices.

Resumonk is clear & transparent about its pricing and serving our customers ethically is our motto.


Are the reviews on your site genuine?

Yes, they are from our real users. You can click on their names and see them on LinkedIn.



I logged in to my account and can’t see my existing resumes. What happened to them?

Perhaps you’ve signed in using a different email address.

If you are signing in using LinkedIn or Facebook credentials, please make sure that the email address on these sites is the one that you used to create your Resumonk account.

e.g. If your Resumonk account was created with [email protected] then you won’t be able to access it using the ‘Sign in with LinkedIn’ button If the primary email address in your LinkedIn account is [email protected].

How can I change the login email address for my Resumonk account?

After signing in to your Resumonk account, you can change the login email address by clicking on the 'Account' link on top.


How many resume templates/designs are available on Resumonk?

Currently, we have 20 resume templates including 6 with photo in them.

Is it possible to add a cover letter with the same design as the resume?

Yes. If you add a cover letter in your resume, it will get the exact same design as the resume template being used by you.


How to add a page break to the PDF resume?

Please refer to the instructions on this page: How to add a page break to your PDF resume.

Can I create my resume in a language other than English?

Yes, you can create a resume on Resumonk in any language that is written from left to right. You can rename the sections and all the labels for the contact information fields in any language.


In which formats can I download my resume & cover letter from Resumonk?

You can download your resume and cover letter in PDF & DOCX formats. While the PDF download is available for all 20 templates, DOCX download is not available for templates with photo in them.

Can I download my cover letter as a separate document?

Yes. On the Cover Letter Editor screen, you can select the option 'Download separately' in the 'Where do you want to include your cover letter?' combo box and then click on the Save button.

You'll then see separate download options for the Cover Letter on the 'Preview & Download’ tab.

Why does my DOCX resume look different than the Preview screen?

Unfortunately, DOCX format has lots of limitations when it comes to updating their templates programmatically. An exact 1:1 mapping with HTML & PDF versions is not possible. The color, font, spacing & page layout settings are applied only to the PDF and not to the DOCX format.

If you have any other queries, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.