Resumonk Inplace Online Resume Editor

It has almost been an year since we launched Resumonk and we have got awesome feedback from our users so far. Based on all your suggestions, we have revamped the product and we hope that you will find it even more useful now. Here is the list of goodies in the new version:

DOC format support & Other Premium Plan features

You can now download your resumes in DOC format as well. This functionality is part of our new Premium Plan that gives you access to more templates, allows you to manage multiple resumes and provides analytic numbers for all of them. You can also customize the color scheme, fonts & URL of your resumes.

As a thank you gesture, we are upgrading all the existing PRO account users to the new Premium Plan for absolutely free. We are grateful for your support and hope you continue to like Resumonk.

All existing free users are also eligible for a special discount on this new Premium Plan.
Login and avail this offer now!

Private resumes

Any new resume created using Resumonk will be private by default until the user explicitly makes it public. The existing resumes are public and you can mark them as private any time.

In-place editor

We have revamped the resume editor and you edit all the fields directly in the template itself. Sounds cool, isn’t it! Here is a screenshot:

Import from LinkedIn

All users can now import their LinkedIn profiles while creating their resumes. Earlier this was a paid feature, but on popular demand we have decided to provide it to all our users.

We hope you like the new version of Resumonk and it helps you create a beautiful resume & stand out from rest of the crowd. We’d love to hear your thoughts & suggestions. Please do write to us at [email protected].

Published by Bharani Muthukumaraswamy

Bharani is a web designer/developer who specializes in front-end development.
He is currently working on his startup, Resumonk – an online resume builder