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50+ Resume Writing Tips

Writing resumes is a stressful experience for anyone, with so much seeming to hang on the line of one simple piece of pa- per. Writing a good, professional resume, however, is a fairly easy task, once one puts one’s mind to it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you write a killer resume.

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Free Resume/CV Samples

Sample Resumes

Confused about what to include in your resume? Use our free sample resumes and resume templates to create your own resume. Choose the sample resume that is most relevant to your profession and directly start editing and customizing it.

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Resume Keywords and Action Verbs

500+ Keywords To Include In Your Resume

The words that you use to describe your work history, your skills and qualifications can be the differentiating factor be- tween an impressive and a non-impressive resume. Action verbs are words that are inherently eye-catching and can attract more of your potential recruiter's attention. Ac- tion verbs can make even the most mundane work experi- ence and accomplishments sound valuable and important

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Resume Writing Tips - Resume Writing Blog

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Read our blog for the latest information about resume writing, career guidance, interview tips and job search help.

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Learn how to write a winning résumé with our free Résumé Writing eBook. Includes résumé writing tips, action verbs and keywords and sample résumés. Download PDF.

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