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Published about 3 years ago

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Are you a book lover with grit?

My name’s Carrie and I’m looking for an articulate and resilient person to join my small team as a  “Jack/Jill of all trades” writer and assistant. 

If you’re someone who: 
  • Loves reading and ideas (a Friday night spent in with a book is a good one for you) 
  • Writes effectively and quickly (with proper attention to detail, and a love for the English language)
  • Can track things down as a research assistant online (if I challenge you to find a rare book, you’ll hunt around on Google until you find it)
  • Has grit and determination to keep trying until you solve a problem or learn a new skill
  • Wants to excel in your career and take pride in active and stimulating work
  • Is looking for a shot to prove yourself, and can be depended upon
  • Gets excited at the prospect of fast-paced and varied demands
  • Wants to develop and hone world-class skills with huge potential upward mobility

...This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

You will become an integral member of my small team at Praxis Continuing Education and Training, where I am Director of Marketing, and be part of creating top-notch online courses in the mental health space.

The role will include duties as diverse as writing emails and web pages, editing/proofing, conducting online research, providing customer support, editorial notetaking, communicating with clients and course members, and scheduling emails and posts. 

With so much going on, you’ll be glad to have good self-directed time management and organizational skills, too. 

The common thread throughout these tasks is written communication, which is the foundational skill you would bring to the role, as well as enthusiasm for learning about mental health and a variety of therapy approaches. Other skills, such as working within specific programs, can be learned after you join us. (That’s where the “grit” comes in!)

The position will start at around 10 –15 hours per week, but quickly increase to something approximating full-time, and pay will be set at a fair hourly rate. 

We are a remote company, so you can be based anywhere in the United States to apply. Schedule can be largely flexible (with occasional exceptions) so being a self-starter with initiative is a must.

To apply, simply write back to [email protected] with a short note on why you think you could be the right fit for the role.

If you don’t have much professional experience, that’s absolutely fine – applicants from all backgrounds are welcome to apply. And indeed, we pride ourselves on nurturing those with “atypical” backgrounds, who at other companies may never be given a shot. 

Please do not include a CV – all that matters is whether you can do it. 

There’s no deadline for getting back, but the sooner you do, the better chance you’ll have. 

We won't be able to get back to everyone, but those whose notes stand out should get a response within 48 hours. 

No agencies, please. We’re looking for an individual we can help grow and nurture in their career.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. 


To apply: