Published 3 months ago

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Crisp is a customer service software. Around 300K companies around the world use Crisp to help their customers. Around 200M visitors are using the chat widget every month.

Our mission is to make the next-generation customer support app for startups. An app that makes customer support easier for end-users & support agents.

Customer support is a strong part of our culture. Everybody in the company, from developers to marketers helps customers.

We are a small team (12 people) and our core Team in France (7 people), the rest is a diverse remote-only, and based around the globe.

We are looking for a technical customer service specialist to help Crisp users to solve their users.

Applicants with technical skills like HTM5, CSS, Javascript are prefered.

In a typical day, you will help users using chat, email, and video-calls (rarely).

Applicants in Latam and US Time Zones timezones are preferred.

This job is the opportunity to join a fast-growing startup.

Salary and compensation

$20,000 — $30,000/year


Latam and Us Timezones