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Published 16 days ago

frontend design web3

Nexus Mutual is an on-chain risk marketplace operated by and for members. Our mission is to build an ecosystem in which anyone can protect anyone else by sharing risk. The mutual launched in 2019 and has become the leading coverage provider within the DeFi ecosystem with more than $7.3m in claims, that have been paid to date.

The protocol provides a decentralized, transparent alternative to traditional insurance companies. The economic incentives within the mutual solve the centralized insurance industry’s core problem: the principal-agent problem.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a frontend engineer to work with us to build the premier on-chain risk marketplace for DeFi, CeFi and beyond. You can learn more about us here: Twitter, Discord, Github. Someone who can work end to end, to help us build and deploy intuitive user interfaces that span our web pages and applications.

Our team is working with web3 technologies across the stack. The ideal person is someone who is user oriented, has a good understanding of UX best practices, is passionate about building scalable applications, and highly curious about DeFi and Crypto.

App layer: React.js, Redux, ReduxSaga, Reselect, GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript, AssemblyScript, MongoDB

Web3: Solidity, OpenZeppelin, Chainlink oracles, Hardhat, Mocha, Chai, Tenderly, IPFS, The Graph, Ethers.js, Web3-onboard.js

Infrastructure: AWS, CircleCI, Coveralls, Kibana, Grafana, Prometheus

Areas you will contribute to

  • Develop and maintain the Nexus Mutual web pages and applications

  • Integrate with our smart contracts to fetch data around covers, claims, and staking

  • Continuously adapt the design framework based on research and user needs to improve usability

  • Integrate and adapt the UI for the new Governance system, once we adopt it

  • Keep up with smart contract changes, review contributions, and components developed by the ecosystem and design partners

  • Integrate with other chains to build native experiences for users to be able to prove losses

  • Debug and fix user-reported issues

  • 5+ years of experience on frontend development and JS based frameworks

  • Proficient with React, Redux, CSS and HTML

  • Understanding of API frameworks, plus experience with fetching and displaying dynamic data

  • Understanding of modern, client-side, architecture

  • Being self-motivated and eager to keep up with the fast paced and agile team.

  • Being obsessed with clean code and engineering best practices

You will stand out if

  • You are interested in decentralization and web3 technologies

  • You are curious about crypto, DeFi, tokenomics and game theory

  • You have experience with the web3 frontend stack (ethers.js / web3.js, etc)

  • You have knowledge of UX best practices

  • You have worked on finance-related, retail or institutional products

  • You have a keen eye for security

What’s in it for you

  • Be part of a small and dynamic team, where passion for our work describes and sets the tone for everything that we do.

  • Opportunity to get involved in solving both technical and philosophical challenges around human coordination in the context of insurance

  • Flexible remote work schedule, with regular in-person offsites. We are a fully remote organization that strives to pave the way for the future of insurance.

  • A competitive fixed (fiat component) compensation package, plus a generous token allocation.

Why are we doing this?

The concept of insurance comes from communities in the past who pooled their resources to protect each other from the risks they all faced. It works better the more people are in the pool as the numbers become more reliable. But this method isn’t scalable because it is a trust-based system and the network of individuals trusted by everyone in the pool only extends so far. Hence traditional insurance companies emerged.

When Ethereum and smart contracts came along we realised we could apply our insurance industry knowledge to our passion for decentralised technology. We realised we could build a mutual on a platform where individuals only need to trust the system, not everyone in it.

Specifically, we could see a solution to the problem of agency—where an insurer looks after customers’ money on their behalf. We also saw the opportunity to make significant cost savings compared to the traditional insurance model. As we’re already in the UK, we have the perfect base to build out this concept due to the existing law around mutuality.

The aim is to provide our members with more simple, transparent, accessible, and affordable financial protection against their risks.

More info here 👉

Salary and compensation

No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Design, Web3, Defi, CSS, API, Senior and Engineer jobs that are similar:

$70,000 — $105,000/year


💰 401(k)

🌎 Distributed team

⏰ Async

🤓 Vision insurance

🦷 Dental insurance

🚑 Medical insurance

🏖 Unlimited vacation

🏖 Paid time off

📆 4 day workweek

💰 401k matching

🏔 Company retreats

🏬 Coworking budget

📚 Learning budget

💪 Free gym membership

🧘 Mental wellness budget

🖥 Home office budget

🥧 Pay in crypto

🥸 Pseudonymous

💰 Profit sharing

💰 Equity compensation

⬜️ No whiteboard interview

👀 No monitoring system

🚫 No politics at work

🎅 We hire old (and young)


Remote job