Published about 1 year ago

Headquarters: UK

If you are an experienced customer support pro looking for a fulfilling PART-TIME role at a fast-growing tech company, this is for you!

About Our Company Culture

We are a team of expert specialists, and our goal as a company is to give you all the resources you need to get your work done with excellence. That also means that we eliminate all of the "company busy work" most companies have so that you can spend ALL of your time delivering an excellent experience to our community.

We are asynchronous and only have live meetings if that's the most effective way to get something done (we find it usually isn't). Which means you will NEVER sit through a meeting where someone reads a slide outloud. (Um, we assume you can read.)

You'll be working with a small team of people who are super intelligent, resourceful, and focused. We want to be up-front that we aren't the kind of company where work is your social outlet. We love doing excellent work at work, and living the rest of our lives outside of work! We are not a reactive, fire-fighting or "workaholic" type of company. 

The vibe is quiet and focused - we're friendly but you aren't going to see a bunch of social chit-chat or "getting to know you" activities. We are the perfect fit for you if you're the type of person who is motivated by crafting excellence every day and loves skipping all the unnecessary meetings and reporting that no one reads!

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