Published almost 2 years ago

Headquarters: Orlando, FL

We are looking for a full-time employee with some experience running ads to help us build out our paid ad strategy. 

You would be responsible for:

  • Creating, scheduling, and monitoring campaigns for our various partners on advertising accounts such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Bing, etc
  • Research and identify the right target demographic for various campaigns
  • Manage budget across various channels and brands
  • Analyze multiple campaign performances
  • Work with internal and external teams to create performing ads and copy
  • Run productive A/B tests to increase campaign performance 
  • Constantly learn new strategies and new platforms to reach potential customers
  • Help build landing pages, as well as generate A/B ideas for landing pages
  • Create accurate constructive reports that identify campaign successes and failures

Your qualifications:

  • 2+ years experience with at least 3 of the major advertising platforms
  • Experience launching campaigns yourself, as well as working with design/content teams 
  • Experience managing and optimizing large advertising budgets across multiple platforms
  • Native English Skills - there are no location requirements for this position, but English as a first language is preferred
  • Ability to identify both design and copy opportunities that would work for different campaigns

About You
We’re looking for a candidate with some experience running ads.

You might have familiarity with some of the tools we use (GSuite, Slack, Asana, Wordpress, Google Analytics, and a few others), but we can train you if you aren’t. We want teammates that can learn new tools quickly and are excited, rather than intimidated, by change.

With this being a remote job, the ideal candidate for this position is amazing at time management. Our team subscribes to the notion of “deep work,” which means we want you to turn off all notifications, put your head down, and work (think async work style). We measure people on outputs, not inputs. 

We want friendly people who are fun to work with (expect Giphy battles in slack), but can also give and receive feedback - we’re all here to get better at what we do. You can expect us to be very available when you start (on Slack), to help you understand the job and “marching orders.” However, once you understand the job, we will stay out of your way so you can complete whatever it is you need to (you’re expected to work without someone looking over your shoulder). 

Why Join Our Team?

Fast Growing

We’re a young, small company that is on a steep growth trajectory. 

You would work with the founder to launch our paid strategy, work with national partners, and help us quickly scale our paid ad buys.

Work Remotely

We’ve been remote since our founding (not because of covid). We’re a small team with some based in the U.S., some based in other countries, and some nomads.

Complete Benefits Package

Health Insurance, 401k match, generous vacation policy (for US-based hires - benefits out of the U.S. are handled a little differently). 

Competitive Salary

$40,000-$52,000/year, depending on experience. 

Please send resume + CV if interested. 

To apply: