Published over 2 years ago

Headquarters: Orlando, FL

Do you love podcasting?

Do you love writing fun, informative, and personality-driven content?

If so, you may be a perfect fit for our fast-growing SaaS company!

We’re Castos, and we’re looking for writers who are passionate about everything podcasting to produce high-quality and well-researched content for our blog.

These are not fluff pieces either. Our articles typically are in the 3,000 words range, and we have dozens of posts already on the first page (or first position) in Google for our target keywords.

For each article. we provide an extensive brief on how the article should be formatted, keywords to focus on, along with some reference articles for your research. Our team is always available to answer questions so you are never writing alone or in the dark.

And we know that no readers enjoy articles that are written just for SEO, we’re looking for fun, conversational articles with some personality. We want you to come and tell a story in each piece.

Skills / Experience Required:

1) Native English Speaker
– No exceptions here. We’re looking for writers who can create shareworthy, fun pieces that pulls the reader in from the very first sentence and keeps them there to the last.

2) Experience in researching and writing in-depth articles
– No minimum amount of time here, but show us your work! 🙂 We believe much more in the quality of the work you’ve already done than the amount of time you’ve done it.

3) Hard-working & ambitious
– We are a fast-growing company looking for team members who are hard-working, ambitious, and always up for a challenge! New team members today can become the leaders of the company tomorrow.

4) Experience with SEO
– We will provide the SEO target keywords for each article, but would expect a good candidate for this role to be able to take things from there and craft an interesting piece based on that focus keyword.

5) You’re a Podcasting Junkie!
We’re looking for people who love podcasting, love writing about podcasting, have their own podcasts, and just can’t get enough of this dynamic, fast changing industry.

Pay Rates:

This is a contract position, and we will pay per article, very competitive rates.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in this position, please fill out the form here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stand Out:

We’re looking for someone who has a fun writing style that’s packed with personality!

Anything you can do in the application to show me your style of writing will definitely give you an edge and make me take notice.

Writing samples are critical as they are the first pass in our applicant screening process, so show us your best work.

In addition, you can also show me your style and personality in the final question on the application form. That’s the second place we look to see what sort of writing style you have 🙂

While this is a content-focused role, experience with search engine optimization, inbound marketing, and copywriting are always a big plus. So don’t be shy about telling us about your experiences there.

To apply: