Published 9 months ago

Headquarters: Austin, TX

What you'll be doing:

You'll be working with a variety of systems to help maintain and improve our relatively simple infrastructure and the 99.9997% uptime we've seen over the past 8 years. 

An example of a longer term project you would be a part of is migration from CentOS to Rocky Linux. 

We're not on the bleeding edge and overall the balance tips towards proactive work over reactive.  You won't be under constant pressure, there won't be endless deadlines to  meet, you'll almost never hear from pagerduty, and relatively speaking this is a very laid-back and low stress gig.

Who we're looking for:

Your work will be crucial to the continued success of ClickMagick, and we're looking for someone who wants to participate in the growth and success of a great SaaS business where your work really matters. 

Ideally,  you should have experience working remotely with a small team, and be eagerly looking to do more of that. Most of the people on our team dread the corporate world, meetings, drama and office politics, so if that's  you then you should fit right in.

What we offer:

- Competitive pay based mostly on how awesome you are
- Work remotely from just about anywhere you want
- Somewhat flexible hours and on-call schedule TBD
- Unlimited PTO for vacation and other little things that come up 
- A fun little working environment in slack with no drama


- Troubleshoot and remediate immediate issues across a broad range of technologies 
- Identify long term issues and make improvements
- Work with developers to ensure smooth promotion of code
- Participation in on-call schedule

Areas of experience desired:

- Configuration as code - Ansible.  As this is the primary way we interact with systems, ideal candidates will have several years of experience with this.
- Linux - Redhat/CentOS/Rocky
- Cloud providers - IBM, AWS, Google Cloud
- Infrastructure as code - Terraform, Cloudformation
- Database - mysql/mariadb/Percona
- Networking - OSI levels 3/4/5, load balancing, firewalls
- Monitoring - Check_mk, Nagios, Icinga
- Reverse proxies - HAproxy, nginx
- Web servers - apache, nginx
- Scripting - shell, perl, python, lua
- Git - github, branching, PRs 

How to apply:

Please send your resume along with a short cover letter detailing your experience with each of the desired areas of experience listed above.

To apply: