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Published about 1 month ago

Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Core Responsibilities
  • Design web pages
  • Prepare design files in Photoshop for development
  • Create supplemental design assets (like social sharing images and style guides)

Day-to-Day Activities

Examples of current projects you’d be working on:
  • Redesigning information pages. Reviewing client feedback and working with our Senior Designer to create mockups for four information pages of a Shopify site for an existing client.
  • Design landing pages. Creating initial mockups for a sales/landing page based on client’s notes and examples and current content. This project is more free-form because it doesn’t need to fit within the existing website design.
  • Blog design. Work with Senior Designer to create initial mockups for a blog redesign.
  • Design supplemental pages and assets. A current Shopify project has all the core design complete and approved (homepage, product, collection, cart, etc.), but supporting designs are still required. These are pages like the login, search, and error pages, and assets like the social sharing image and style guide.
  • File preparation. Cleaning up Photoshop files, grouping and labeling layers, so they’re ready to code.

Who You Report To

The Senior Designer and Developer are co-owners and you’d report to them, but you’d primarily work with the Senior Designer.


Must Have
  • 1-2 years web design experience.
  • Experience with adobe creative suite, specifically photoshop and illustrator, and ideally indesign.

Soft Skills
  • Communication skills. Clarity and kindness are critical when communicating remotely, asynchronously, and across platforms.
  • Organization. We work on multiple projects simultaneously. Keeping track of files, feedback, and schedule can be a lot.
  • Web-specific design. You do not need to be able to code, but understanding how your designs will be implemented is critical. For example, being able to explain what action a button will trigger or how a menu will display.

  • Experience with Adobe XD
  • Experience with Shopify and Wordpress


$25/hour to start, pay review after 90 days

To apply: