Published almost 3 years ago

Headquarters: Remote

Over the last 12 months, the Greenback team has been growing and evolving- and we’re now ready (drum roll, please!) to hire an accomplished business leader- our “glue” that will hold it all together- our Integrator!

Reporting directly to the CEO, the Integrator (otherwise known as the General Manager or COO) will be responsible for executing towards the vision created by the CEO, end to end across the business. The overall purpose of this role is to manage the team, run the day-to-day business operations, and to lead the team to long-term growth.

Specifically, here’s what this role will be responsible for:
  • 100% people management of the 10 person team, day to day. You report to the CEO, everyone else reports to you. This means you will lead, manage, and hold the team accountable, as well as ensure everyone is rowing in the right direction, at the right cadence and without any stumbling blocks. Our philosophy at Greenback is that the only way to provide incredible customer care and grow rapidly is to have an extremely high performing team. We believe in right people/right seats, and in 100% A players. People management means setting the bar high, ensuring complete clarity around accountabilities and expectations and doing what it takes to enable the team to achieve their goals.
  • Faithful execution of the business’s strategic plan, meeting or exceeding all P&L objectives. The CEO, with the input and support of you and the leadership team, will create the company’s vision, the annual strategic ROCKS, and you will deliver upon those. As we all know, the best plans often require refinement based on unexpected opportunities or risks. Your role will be to ensure that the strategy gets adhered to 100%, and the goals are met, while adjusting plans real time throughout the year. You need to be focused and an effective problem solver.
  • Set the tone and ensure compliance of our core operational model (Traction). What does this mean? It means ensuring that not only is our business producing the right results but it’s doing so in the right way. That means we have documented and established SOPs that are followed, that we use structure and process as our guide, that we have no single points of failure, that we manage our risks and issues proactively and in a controlled way. Essentially you will make sure that the team is organized, disciplined and following the Greenback way of operating.
  • Collaborate with the Visionary (CEO) to take the company vision and strategy and put it into place and translate that to the management team.
  • Simplification and streamlining. We are looking for someone who not only enables the business to achieve goals, but also does so in the simplest, cleanest way possible. You will be constantly looking for micro ways to improve, simplify, make easy.
  • Brand champion. At the core of our business success is an exemplary brand. The DNA of our business is excellence in customer care. You need to live, eat and breathe that philosophy, and make sure that all our people, process, product and systems do too.
  • Full P&L and KPI ownership. You’re responsible for meeting the business goals on revenue as well as costs. You will own the financial reigns of the business, including forecasting, reporting, and bookkeeping (all done by our manager of business admin, but overseen by you).

Is this you:
  • Managing people to outstanding outcomes comes naturally to you. You know how to get the best out of a team, keep the bar high, and create a culture of A player performance. Specifically, we’d need to see evidence that you can do this in the context of a 100% remote team.
  • You’re an effective project manager, disciplined in the way you use systems and processes, and genuinely enjoy SOPs. You create order out of chaos, and teach your team to do the same.
  • You love being the glue. Cross collaboration, coordination and effective problem solving come naturally to you.
  • You genuinely and deeply care about customers having a delightfully excellent customer experience.
  • You’re calm under pressure, resilient, and can shift quickly as needed. As a tax business, our deadline driven nature means there are times when stress is high, deadlines and tight leadership is required to keep everyone calm. You need to be someone who creates that environment.
  • You are fast paced, highly energetic and ambitious (we’re that way as a team, so need someone who can lead that way too!).
  • You love data and understand how to use it effectively to make decisions.
  • You are tech savvy and have used Salesforce CRM (or a similar CRM), and at least one online project management and collaboration tool (we use Podio, but there are many similar ones). You’re comfortable learning software without a tech team or a manual.
  • You are excited to help execute against the CEO’s vision and translate that back to the team day to day. You like to work independently and are comfortable taking direction and running with it.
  • You have experience working with a company in the $3-$15M revenue range, in a fast-growing business.
  • You are in a US friendly time zone (i.e. can work M-F 9-5/8-4 style schedule, overlapping with EST or PST).

Company values:
  • We cherish feedback and consider it a gift to each other and from our customers.
  • We build trust by providing a painless tax preparation experience that our customers can’t help but tell their friends, family, and expat communities about us.
  • We make decisions quickly and effectively using data with customer needs always in the forefront of our minds.
  • We strive for simplicity and seek to continually improve processes both internally and externally.
  • We think and strategize like a large company while maintaining the heart, passion, and pace of a small company.
  • We understand that expat taxes are not one size fits all and provide confidence to our customers through our deep expertise in expat tax.
  • We believe that detailed planning and flawless execution are critical for a smooth-running operation.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we are accountable for the success of our role within the business. Being accountable includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the goals of the business.
  • We approach each day and the new challenges it brings with a positive attitude, an open mind and a can-do spirit! We celebrate and honor each other’s contributions proactively.

To apply: