Published about 1 year ago

consulting growth leader

These past couple of years have definitely done a number on all of us, but especially our kids from all the screen use, to the lost social engagement time, etc.


Thatâs why BonfireDW was created. We provide coaching, classes, community, and support, all designed to help kids stay socially, emotionally, mentally, physically and digitally fit.

We're seeking Certified/Licensed K-12 Health Educators to provide 1:1 and group health education to students related to specific health topics, including reproductive health, substance use, diet and nutrition.

This is a 100% online, part-time, after school role, in the 5-10 hours a week range, potentially more as we grow.

Pay starts at $30/hr and increases to up to $50/hr within 3 months based on experience and performance.