Published 10 months ago

Headquarters: Boston

To apply, email your resume to [email protected] with the following:

  1. Please go to and send a 30 second screencast describing what we do. Go to to download free software to capture your voice, video, and screen, and then send the Loom link of your screencast with your application.
  2. Please read through the paragraphs at the website (takes 5 minutes) and include your results (your type; eg. type 1, type 2, etc.) in your application.
  3. Please write about a time when you calmed someone down who was irritated or upset, how you did it, and how you felt about it.

About You:

You are cool under pressure, adept at calming down people who are frustrated, and excellent at establishing rapport quickly, over the phone, with (mostly) senior citizens. 

People who know you would describe you as a compassionate and warm person, who is intuitive about other people’s needs, and works tirelessly to leave them happy and satisfied.

You are skilled at using software (mostly Zendesk), and can multitask - carrying on a warm conversation while investigating your customer’s needs, and solving their problems. You are efficient with your time, and able to get off calls quickly, while balancing relationship-building.

You’re happy to work US hours, and excited about contributing multiple years to Community Phone, with many opportunities for advancement as you prove yourself. You're excited about working at a high-growth startup, where things can (and do) change quickly, and you must adapt.

This goes without saying, but you have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Upselling is a big part of the job, and our customer service team sometimes gets calls from people who want to cancel. Your ability to persuade them to stay will make you a huge asset to the team. 

You possess strong organizational skills and keep your word; in this role you'll be scheduling and following through on follow-ups, managing tasks on an ongoing basis, etc.


What You’ll Be Responsible For:
- Tracking: Diligently tracking why customers contact us, identifying trends, driving calls, and communicating that information back to the company to drive changes in the business to remove customer obstacles.
- Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring every customer has an extraordinary experience whenever they contact us.
- Building Relationships: Our customers are the cornerstone of our business, and you will be the face of our company to them. Each customer matters, and you will treat them with patience, respect, and willingness to help.
- Reducing Churn: Understanding why customers wish to cancel and offering solutions that might convince them to stay.
- Upselling:  You will listen for opportunities to upsell our customers on additional products and services that will save them money and solve their issues.

- We offer shifts from 40 hours a week, and we are currently open from 10 am Eastern Time to 7:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Sunday.

To apply: