Published 14 days ago

vue azure devops

We are looking for a full-time front-end developer to join us at GoWiser â a growing SaaS startup focusing on Fintech. We are looking for enthusiastic developers who love to build, test, and iterate at speed, whilst still being mindful of the longer-term system and project architecture. Priorities change quickly as we continuously adapt to the needs. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be able to plan, pick up, and own tasks through to completion, working solo and with teammates.

Our mission is to build the best financial reporting and audit platform (and, in the future, non-financial as well). The goal is to build a platform that collects, transforms, and model data to visualize it in a useful and friendly manner.

We are headquartered in Denmark, which is also where our current staff are located. We are currently in the initial stages of development and have not yet gone into production - but we hope to do so in the fall of 2022. The current team includes 3 developers and 2 financial and audit experts.

We hope to find an experienced Vue front-end developer, who can potentially be our lead developer on the front-end part of the platform.

We are creating a Vue SPA that uses OIDC with PKCE to authenticate, and we do not use Node.js server side.


  • This position is fully remote, but our current team is in Denmark. You will be expected to have 5-6 hours of overlap with our team within the 8:00 to 17:00 CEST time zone.
  • Work with the team to plan the development of new features -Plan and coordinate day-to-day objectives with the team.
  • Build the feature and deploy it to production.
  • Review code and suggest continuous improvement.

We are looking for a person that is used to one or more of:

  • Working with large datasets (endpoints that generate or generate a lot of data).
  • Working with long running requests (pushing to the client, polling, ...).
  • Vue (Vue CLI, HTML, DOM, JavaScript, CSS, NodeJs, Tailwind, ...)
  • Authentication and Authorization (PKCE, MSAL2, OISC, ...)
  • Azure B2C (users, SPA and Api deployment, upgrading, maintenance, monitoring, backup, ...)
  • DevOps (source control)

It would be nice if you also have experience with:

  • A shell command language (bash, cmd, PowerShell, ...)
  • Azure CLI
  • C# and .Net
  • SQL Server

We hope that your education includes the following:

  • Software development & methodologies
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Compilers
  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Security