Published 15 days ago

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About our team

  • Weâre a small team on a mission to craft the very best money saving tools and experiences.
  • We have an active community of users who enjoy getting the most out of our product as much as we enjoy building it.
  • Weâre focused on doing great work and letting you do just that. Weâre remote, asynchronous, and offer flexible working hours (the majority of our team are parents to young kids, the rest have their hands full with their furry friends, and we all enjoy having a flexible schedule that allows us to not miss the important moments).

Working environment

  • Fully remote
  • Asynchronous
  • Flexible hours

What youâll be working on

  • Youâll work with us to create an all new version of our website with React and NextJS. This is an exciting opportunity to create a new codebase for a site that will be used by millions daily.
  • Youâll help maintain and further develop our React Native app for both iOS and Android.

What our ideal candidate looks like

  • Extensive experience with TypeScript, React, and React Native
  • Extensive experience with UI/UX best practices
  • Comprehensive understanding of HTML, CSS, and responsive web design
  • Proficient with various types of testing (unit, stress, etc)
  • High level of attention to detail and cares a lot about writing high quality, readable, and structured code
  • Advocates best practices and architectural patterns
  • Has a habit of being paranoid about security, privacy, and accessibility

The Story of BrickSeek

BrickSeek was originally created as a site dedicated to helping Lego collectors seek out hard to find lego sets  â often times in their pursuit of just one or two specific bricks. It didnât take long for our founder to recognize that the potential of what he had built went far beyond Lego sets, and BrickSeek has since expanded to span every single product category.

Nowadays, BrickSeek is the premier way to look up a products availability and pricing both online and in-store. We post hard to find deals and craft innovative tools for users to fully leverage this unique data, and weâre only getting started.