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Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

  • Full-time employee with six weeks paid vacation
  • 30 hours a week (with option for 40 if preferred)
  • Location: Remote, ideally based in North America (the company works on Eastern Time)
  • Serves as the point person for our students inside paid groups and programs, and moderates our private communities to remain a helpful and supportive space
  • Assists our CEO as the most knowledgeable person about our products, providing ongoing quality control checks, helping students, and proposing new content additions based on feedback
  • Leads our customer service team overseeing 1-2 seasonal employees as the manager of our email and other inboxes
  • Represents the company and therefore must be of high integrity and excellence
  • Has performed similar roles possibly including community management and engagement, teaching, training others on systems, customer service, pastoral or counselling care
  • Ideally has managed a team
  • Strengths include:
    • Problem solving: Thinks creatively and sees around corners for the next dominos a decision will lead to
    • Gets humans: Passionate about helping people grow and able to synthesize the core elements that will serve them most depending on the topic or issue
    • Customer care: Strong listening skills to decode what customers are desiring, find solutions to customer issues and solve them from arising for other customers
    • Organized: Able to create and implement processes for consistent service across the brand
    • Detail oriented: Catches typos, missing steps, and slows down to ensure high quality
    • Gets marketing: Able to understand our ideal customers, how to communicate the value of our offerings, and synthesize feedback to improve our products
    • Compassionate: Deeply caring and able to express so in the written word with our community
  • Review and catalogue details of our products to own the customer experience, swiftly and accurately help students, and improve the impact of our teaching
  • Brainstorm and research ideas to improve the customer experience with new offerings or elements, discuss with the team, then co-create or lead implementation
  • Daily oversee our email and other inboxes managing 1-2 seasonal customer service team members and replying to customer queries in a timely manner
  • Daily oversee our private paid communities providing support and writing emails/posts as reminders, updates, and engagement
  • Gather, organize and utilize testimonials, feedback, surveys and commentary both positive and constructive criticism from our audience
  • Understand all details of our current launches and promotions to be able to help customers swiftly and accurately
  • Identify, track and interpret online community metrics such as engagement, attendance, volume
  • Build relationships with both current and potential customers
  • Have fun, do great work, make the world a little bit better, and come to love our incredible community!
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