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Should You Apply to Jobs Using Your Resume or LinkedIn Profile?

Should You Apply to Jobs Using Your Resume or LinkedIn Profile?

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, professionals are often caught between the traditional resume and emerging platforms like LinkedIn. Yet, while LinkedIn serves as a networking hub and a broad canvas of one’s career, the classic resume stands undefeated in its precision and universal acceptance. The classic resume Every job is unique. Every company has its […]

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How to Answer – “Walk Me Through Your Resume”

How to answer - Walk me through your resume

Preparing to face a job interview is a task that requires both time and thoughtful preparation. One of the most common yet critical questions posed during interviews is: “Walk me through your resume.” This question, seeming simple and straightforward, requires a well-thought-out and meticulously crafted response.  Through this article, we will guide you on effectively […]

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Write A Winning Cover Letter

Coherent and Organized Resume

When you apply for jobs,employers usually ask for a cover letter alongwith your resume (For a great resume building experience visit Resumonk). A cover letter is nothing but an introduction to your resume and should hence be organized,relevant,customized and nothing short of great. It basically tells the employer why he/she should read your resume, call […]

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