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Phone: +995577613434
Address: Tbilisi. Georgia

#MBA ID #: ESM / MBA IT N000223

#PMP ID# 1462914. (Since 27 Oct 2011)

#PMI ID #: 992877 (Since 07 Mar 2009)

My leadership Stile Achievements

2 Top-level CIO's;
3 Top-level ICT Operational Managers;
8 Top-level ICT Project Managers
14 Top-level ICT Business Analyst
and 3 Children (Don't ask about Levels :))

Experience in the Innovative Product Development, Project Management, and Business processes Improvement:

  • Design Thinking and Innovations Management
  • Project / Program Portfolio management
  • Organizational Change Experience in Linear and Disruptive Environments;
  • A wide range of Software products development; 
  • Risk Management and Risk management methodology Development;
  • Innovative / Digital Product development and management;
  • Business Proces Development and Improvement.


  • Good communication and the ability to motivate, lead, and enjoy working with a diverse group of people is the foundation of excellence in projects.

FOR PROJECT SUCCESS I'm following rules:

  • Project Leader should always integrate processes.
  • Plan each project with the end (deliverable) in mind;
  • Conduct more face-to-face conversations;
  • Lead by example;
  • Evaluate criticism from others and use it to be a better project manager;
  • Know that failure will occur and plan (or replan) accordingly;
  • Be positive, enthusiastic, and supportive of others;
  • Be an effective listener.


  • Strategic management and Innovations;
  • Project Management; Innovative Products Development;
  • How to influence others and drive value into Projects?
  • How do we communicate it in a way that motivates, inspires and influences others?


NAEC - National Assessment and Examinations Center - Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Head of Strategic Development an Innovations Management Department

January 2020 - to present

Strategic Target: Worldwide Qualified and Innovative Assessment and Examination Platform for Education excellence in Georgia ...  And Not Only!

National Assessment & Examinations  Centers core operational products (Test development and testing/assessment/ examination services) are in demand from Georgian  government and non-government organizations. Based on this, and considering specific in house experience, the Center plans to develop and deliver Internationally Qualified Innovative services, that will support country educational reform, support students in the global education market, continually improve existing Products/Services, and invest the generated income into the process of creating new innovative educational products.

To support this vision, the center is developing a forward-thinking educational services development strategy to implement following reforms:

  • National Assessment & Examinations Center's existing Educational Asessment, Testing and Measurement methodology compliance with the modern international Innovative qualified standards.
  • National Assessment & Examinations Center's existing operational environment digital transformation to in compliance with international innovative qualified standards.
  • National Examination and Assessment center Core Products Quality Management system Development and Implementation;

NAEC - National Assessment and Examinations Center - Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Business Development Manager

January 2019 - December 2019

From Chaos to Managed order

  1. Organizational core Processes assessment, Analysis, and Synthesis;
  2. Organizational Strategy Development and Tactical Recommendations in a written format based on The Strategic Management Maturity Model Interactive Assessment Development (8 Dimensions)
  3. Organizational Portfolio Assesment and Project management Office (PMO) Initiation and Development (PHASE1 Implementation and PHASE2 Planning - from chaos to managed order ) ;
  4. Organizational Project Management Information System (PMIS) Development
  5. Organizational Staff PM and Operational Excellence Skeels Gap Analysis and Knowlege to organizational Goals Alignment Theoretical Training and Practical Workshops.

LLC Tenstep Georgia

Director Of Business Development

October 2018

We   DELIVER BEST-IN-CLASS QUALIFIED PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES ALL OVER THE WORLD and Our effort targeted to Georgia to Benefit and Provide Value for Georgian Economy and People.

LLC TenStep Georgia (Identification Number: 404561817) is a regional partner of  PMI, R.E.P. #1774 and are in the consulting registry of

We start business activity in Georgia and We will Provide to Georgian Market Our Global  Corporate portfolio Services ( in the following directions:
3. METHODOLOGY Development and Deployment

We are providing wide ranges of training and consulting services in the field of project management, The Value Add Project Management Office (PMO), Project-based Innovative Learning and professional and Soft Skills development fields:

Some of our consulting services are, but not limited to:
1-Project management methodology implementation and customization
2-Building and running Program and project management offices
3-Assessing project management capabilities and building improving program
4-Project manager competency development, assessing, auditing and improving
5. Risk Management Methodology development, Implementation, and Operational Support.
6. Innovation and Innovate learning Management Methodology development, Implementation, and Operational Support.
... You can see Details at and

Public services development Agency. Ministry of Justice of Georgia


August 2011 to Present
  • Management and Coordination of the Department Staff Activities
  • Participation in Organization Management:
    • PSDA Projects Steering Committee Member.
    • ICT Security (INFOSEC) Committee Member;
    • ICT Change Advisory Board Member;
    • BUSINESS Operations and  Development Committee Member.

Successfully Completed Projects:

  1. Digital transformation and adjustment of Government services in Public Services halls and In partner networks around Georgia – To support Georgian visa Liberation Process
  2. Issuing Seafarers ICAO Comp. Documents - PSDA Projects with Maritime Transport Agency ( - Full Operations Processing Software Project Manager: (
  3. Local Governments Technological Support Project (eVilage) - Core operational Software development project, Business analysis Group Manager.
  4. A project of "Issuance of General Education Documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in Territorial Offices of the Civil Registry Agency and Public Service Halls". PSDA Projects with Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia ( - Software Development Project Manager:
  5. Issuing Diplomatic Accreditation Cards – Business Environment Development Project Manager;
  6. eID Card Contactless Interface (Mifare 1K) Software Development Project, Manager;
  7. Citizens Social Status application in the eID Card implementation Project Manager (Partnership With "AzRy" Ltd);
  8. Public Service Halls and Community Centers Across Georgia - Government Services Implementation and Operations Processes Group Manager.
  9. Public Service Development Agency's (MoJ) Innovations Lab - "ServiceLAB" - Development Team Leader.

Effective, team working principles were implemented with the Agency staff inside the Agency and with partner organizations to improve business processes, products and service quality, according to strategic directions of development of public services.

During this period, I was continually in charge of raising the qualification of service staff, conducting theoretical and practical teaching based on the international methodology in the following disciplines:

  • Analysis of business processes and establishment as a project assignment;
  • Initiation, planning, and management of projects;
  • Development and introduction of innovative methods in operational environments and initiated projects.

Trained    25 staff members  in  10 Project Management knowledge areas  separate training's:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

Bank REPUBLIC - Societe Generale Group


September 2006 to May 20111
  • Participate in developing an inventory (comprehensive list) of all POD/ IT/IS projects;
  • With heads or other unit leaders examine each project and prioritize it according to established criteria and Organizational Strategy;
  • Participate on reevaluating portfolio with the portfolio management team on a regular basis.

Acting as:


Successfully Completed Projects:

  1. Infrastructure Architect. IT Department;
  2. Bank REPUBLIC to Societe Generale Group integration Technology project Manager;
  3. Participation in the PROCUREMENT process with contractors, to solve contract issues and avoid future problems.
  4. Creation of Procurement Request for Purchase and procurement Statement of Work (RFP and SOW) for Contractors.
  5. Administration of Projects Procurement contracts to ensure parties contracted performance.
  6. Creation of Project Management and Project Deliverable DOCUMENTS and lessons learned records for future considerations.

    Successfully completed INFRASTRUCTURE Projects
  7. Bank Republic Infrastructure Centralization Projects. IT Architect / Project Manager;
  8. Bank Republic to Societe Generale Group Integration project Project MANAGER (IT Part);
  9. SBRG Satelite (VSAT) Redundant connection to SG Project MANAGER (IT Part);
  10.  Bank Republic BRANCHES and ATM Network re engineering and Implementation Projects MANAGER;
  11. Redundant Interconnection to local Business PARTNERS Project Manager;
  12. BACKUP-RESTORE system project manager ;
  13. New Branches (20), SC's (12) and ATM's (110) network, across Georgia, development projects manager

Central Georgian Communications Co Ltd. (CGC) (


January 2009 to December 2009
  • INTERNET (xDdsl & Optical), VoIP and IPTV Service for organizations and population of Rustavi Development Project.
  • New business opportunity feasibility analysis, planning and implementation. - Telecom Company - Central Georgian Communications Co Ltd. (CGC) (

National Bank of Georgia -

IT Infrastructure Architect

March 2001 to September 2006

Infrastructure Architect, IT & Sec. Department.

Participation in Projects:

  • NBG Core System Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation;
  • High Available Primary and Backup DATA Model Design and Implementation;
  • WAN and LAN infrastructure Design and Implementation;
  • Realized project graded as Veriras Solutions Best practices:

Senior Specialist, Telecommunication Division, IT Department.

Participation in Projects:

  • Centralized and Secure Network infrastructure design and implementation Between NBG Central office and Regional Branches;
  • Effective Network infrastructure design and implementation Between NBG Central office and Georgian Commercial Banks;
  • Infrastructure for Georgian Real time online Payment System (RTGS);

Black & Veatch (UK) Ltd

IT Manager

March 2000 to February 2001

Information Technology Manager

Black & Veatch (UK) Ltd. – AES Telasi Remetering Project.

ICT Consultant from NBG

February 2005 to December 2005

Financial Monitoring Service of Georgia - - official Consultant from National Bank of Georgia - Information Technologies planning and deployment.

New ICT Infrastructure Development (Core Application, Server and Network Infrastructure).


ESM Business Scool - Free University of Tbilisi


September 2006 to AUgust 2008

ESM Business School - Free University of Tbilisi /

MBA Diploma - ESM#000223

Accreditation of Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN - since 2007.


Academic Physics Sciences, ICT Systems Expert, Teacher.

September 1987 to August 1992




2010 to 2011

35 HOUR PMP PREP ONLINE COURSE - PMI REP # 2193License PMP35H-V4-UID10280 January 2011


GENERAL MANAGEMENT, ICT Knowledge. PROJECT Management. BUSINESS ANALYSIS. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP. Innovation Management, Design Thinking, LEAN. AGILE THINKING and MANAGEMENT. Communication Management. DOCUMENTING (Business and Technical). Football, Skying and Walking in Mountains


Project Management Professional - PMP ID#1462914

Project Management Institute -

October 2011

Use Case management

The George Washington University - Scool of Business

October 2012

2.8 CEUnits - ESI international (

Delivering Agile Projects with Scrum

The George Washington University - Scool of Business, ESI International

December 2013

Strategic Management and Innovation - Specialization

Copenhagen Business School -

May 2016

Strategic Management and Innovation | Coursera

Strategic Management and Innovation | Coursera Manage 21st Century Business Strategy -

Develop and implement an innovative business approach in just three courses

This Specialization explores the evolving world of business strategy, focusing on the increasingly important roles of design, user experience, and innovation in shaping competitive advantage. You’ll learn about concepts such as goal setting, value creation, global integration, and diversification, and you’ll critique classic theories and frameworks in the context of new business realities. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll create and defend a holistic business strategy in response to a realistic case study prompt.

Agile and Waterfall Business Analysis Fundamentals


This certificate above verifies that GIORGI LOBJANIDZE successfully completed the course Business Analysis Fundamentals - 2018 on Jan. 25, 2018 as taught by Jeremy Aschenbrenner | The BA Guide, The BA Guide on Udemy. The certificate indicates the entire course was completed as validated by the student.

This certificate above verifies that GIORGI LOBJANIDZE successfully completed the course Agile Business Analysis on Dec. 12, 2017 as taught by Don Hussey on Udemy. The certificate indicates the entire course was completed as validated by the student.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals


This certificate above verifies that GIORGI LOBJANIDZE successfully completed the course Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals on Feb. 1, 2018 as taught by George Levy on Udemy. The certificate indicates the entire course was completed as validated by the student.


Issuing Seafarers ICAO Comp. Documents - PSDA Projects with Maritime Transport Agency

September 2012 to November 2013

European Commission - Press Release details page - European Commission Press release Brussels, 25 November 2013 On 22 November, the European Commission and Member States recognised efforts by Georgia to comply with international standards on training and certification for seafarers, thus effectively allowing seafarers with Georgian certificates again to work on EU vessels.


October 2015 to December 2017

Goal and Opportunity  A

ccording 9th International Forum on the e-APP (9 and 10 October 2014 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China) CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS 180 Competent Authorities from 22 Contracting States (Including Georgia) have already implemented one or both components of the e-APP. Participants congratulated Georgia that are progressing with the implementation of one or both components of the e-APP, such as the Implementation in production of an eRegister and the planning of issuance of e-Apostilles.

Conference Participants noted the increase in the number of electronic public documents issued around the globe and that e-Apostilles offer the only solution for apostillising electronic public documents. Taking in consideration mentioned above facts Georgia (in face of Country local authority Public, services Development Agency, Ministry of Justice of Georgia) should perform following tasks to reach their goals in this field (and in the Identification Services / Organizational developments as a whole):

  1. e-Apostilles (As a electronic document) Design;
  2. e-Apostilles Solution (Legal, technical, Operational);
  3. e-Apostilles Implementation’
  4. e-Apostilles Recognition.


Best practices

Veritas Solutions Implementation (Disaster Recovery)

August 2006

PSDA Nominations

GITI 2011- Georgian ICT Development And Cyber Security Event

2. GITI 2011- Georgian ICT Development And

Cyber Security Event (

3 Nominations and Grand Pré Goes to CRA

Personal Responsibility - eID Card International Projects Portfolio Manager - Responsible to Project Integration According modern PM Standards.

The Best IT Agency of the year - 2011;

The Best Information Security Management;

The Most Successful Information Solution (eID Card);

The Best IT Management Entity.


Sesili Verdzadze

Head of the Innovations and Research Unit. Service Lab Research and Development Department Public Service Development Agency Ministry of Justice of Georgia

August 2019

This is to certify that Giorgi Lobjanidze (personal number 01003002789) has been working in the capacity of the Head of Business Analysis and Projects Management Division, Research and Development Department of the LEPL - Public Service Development Agency since 16 July 2012 to date. 

Effective, team working principles are being implemented by Giorgi with the Agency staff inside the Agency and with partner organizations to improve business processes, products and service quality, according to strategic directions of development of public services.

During this period, he has been continually in charge of raising the qualification of service staff, conducting theoretical and practical teaching based on international methodology in the following disciplines:  

  • Analysis of business processes and establishment as a project assignment;
  • Initiation, planning and management of projects;
  • Development and introduction of innovative methods in operational environments and initiated projects.

Giorgi is employee with high authority and has achieved the following grade in the Agency staff assessment of 2018: The competence fully compatible with the established requirements;.

Recommendations given in the field of business analysis, innovations, project management training and projects practical management, leadership of teams working on critically important and innovative products development.

Aleksandre Jejelava

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

August 2007

I've known Giorgi for number of years now. We started as colleagues in National Bank of Georgia and went through lot of business cases together. Most recently Giorgi entered MBA program at ESM-Tbilisi where I lead few courses. I know Giorgi as an IT architect with wide and deep knowledge of technology, hard-worker and a bright person. I would enjoy opportunity to work with Giorgi in most challenging IT projects. Oh, yes, and he's one of best in class!

Mikheil Kapanadze

Director of IT Development Department, Deputy Head of the Agency at Public Service Development Agency

June 11, 2013

Giorgi is an open-minded person who gets success because of the ability to see the large picture but never miss the smallest details. Projects under his management are always well-planned. In rare situations when something may go wrong, he never loses control thus motivating other team members to do their best and get success.

Having such a colleague is both important and pleasant, especially in an organization like Public Service Development Agency with highly dynamic nature and projects which are important not only for the organization itself but the country as a whole.

Otar Danelia

Minister at Ministry of Argiculture

October 2009

Mr. Lobjanidze is a highly competent professional with an outstanding sense of 

Responsibility. Giorgi gas extraordinary organizational skills supported by various academic background and Information Technology expertise. 

I had a pleasure to work with him for a short period of time but it was enough to find him as a motivated, confident and organized professional. 

Mr. Lobjanidze is a great value to the Bank Republic

George Arveladze

Chief Executive Officer at Liberty Bank

April 2010

Giorgi and I worked at the National Bank of Georgia for several years. While belonging to different teams our tasks intersected very often. Giorgi definitely has an intimate knowledge of his own subject area. However, he is able to grasp the broader picture without ommitting the details very fast, which turns the team work into being extremely effective. Given his friendly, collegiate personality coupled with the above professional strengths Giorgi belongs to very few examples of both successful and effective managers defined by modern management theory.

Lado Gverdtsiteli

Deputy Director Business Development at UGT

Jan 2016 – Jul 2017

First of all, Giorgi Lobzhanidze is a very sociable person and working with him is comfortable. His job approaches and professionalism enables you to grow as an employee, refine existing and acquire new skills, which will definitely succeed for further steps. He is a very open person, very frankness and that's the main dignity of him, accordingly, these employees around him feel comfortable of doing their job.

He is always ready for giving the right advises and directions. Despite the great theoretical and practical experiences, he is always open to different opinions as well. These qualities contribute to his employees to not get locked and to be more open to discussing issues. that attributes encourages their own staff.

During the year and a half, when I used to work with George, I learned and practiced many of his good practices especially in terms of project management. He is the head of the staff who every day feel about how do they grow up with Giorgi as professionals. 

I give this recommendation to him and think that he is one of the best professionals in his case.

Giorgi Rukhadze

Software Development Manager, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP, CSP-SM, CSP-PO)

February 18, 2013

Obvious but true: Project professionals must know how to negotiate. Giorgi’s negotiating skills for my point of view are remarkable, with different level of the stakeholders or other PSDA departments.

Giorgi’s concepts are: IT is integral to the business, People are assets, Team working and a relationship between team members is the best approach.

We (with my Team) are working together on a Very important Software project and on Business improvement IT Tasks. We always experience excellent and adequate to our very dynamic cases Managerial and Human skills from Giorgi. In our case, we are Colleagues with valuable and recognized benefits for business

Merab Labadze

e-Governance, Education, Innovation and Technology Policy Consultant

June 21, 2013

I know Giorgi from our student years. Recently we have been involved in the advancement of e-Government in Georgia. Giorgi has proved to be not only a high-level professional in the new for the country and demanded field of Business Processes Analysis, but also to have a wider vision of the development of the State Information Systems. His expertise and experience in workflow optimization, systems integration, and project management is an invaluable asset to his growing organization. Giorgi's attentiveness to colleagues and friendly attitude contributes to his respectable reputation of a balanced team leader and trustworthy co-worker.

I recommend Giorgi for challenging jobs and assignments. I'm confident he takes his successful professional biography to new heights and delivers the expected results with full dedication.

David Ramazashvili

Deputy Head of IT Department at Ministry of Defence of Georgia

October 2013

I met Giorgi more than two years ago and I found him as a very good team leader. As a member of Giorgi’s team I learned how to build healthy relationship between team members and how to guide and lead them successfully. 

Regarding those results what was achieved by Giorgi’s team, I consider him as a practical manager in project management and business analyses field and I think that the experience of Giorgi as the manager is highly valuable for any company.

George Keshelashvili

CEO at Express Technologies

January 2009

George is very experienced professional with wide technical knowledge in different IT fields. Georgian Card provides card processing services for Bank Republic - and George's contribution in building of secured and reliable network with Bank was most valuable.

Temur Lortkipanidze

Business Development at GREEN PROJECT

May 2008

I know Giorgi more than 3 years as very strong professional, self-motivated and gifted manager. During it's work in Bank Republic Giorgi was leaving very bright impression as strong IT-expert. The same impression he leaved during period of teaching on MBA in IT in European School of Management - Tbilisi. 

I can recommend Giorgi as very powerful professional and manager for any IT-project.

Gogi Kadeishvili

Technical Director at Greennet

August 2007

Giorgi is responsible to bring typical Georgian Bank's IT infrastructure to Societe Generale, that is, european banking standarts. That is, change 90% of Bank's IT infrastructure (servers, storage, network, security, etc.) without interrupting bank business processes. It was my honour to work with him on parts of this very difficult transition process. Besides being skilled IT professional in many fields, Giorgi demonstrated excelent project management capabilities and is definitely capable to perform strategic planning, building IT team and taking responcibility for tough decisions necessary during transition period

Mariam Khutsishvili

Project Manager at Société Générale Group, JSC Bank Republic

June 2012

I know George, since 2006. At that time Bank Republic started integration process with Société Générale and George played the key role in the number of IT projects withing the Integration program and the projects after its successful completion. Georgi is a highly skilled professional whose diverse abilities enable him to work with multiple levels of stakeholders towards highly successful outcomes. He is a fantastic team player and a team leader, who allows people he works with or supervises to take a great degree of responsibility and personal ownership of the projects and portfolios they manage. 

George is very organized, results-oriented person. He has excellent planning and communication skills. 

Apart from the professionalism, Georg is a very reliable friend with a great personality.

I would strongly recommend George at any executive position as he could be the great asset for any company with his proficiency in Project Management and Information Technologies

Maka Tkhinvaleli

Senior Business Analyst at Financial Analytical Service

May 2013

During the period I had worked under Giorgi’s supervision I can say that he has the best skills as a manager of team and theoretical and practical knowledge to guide persons for success. 

As the leader of team and project manager Giorgi gives his co-workers right direction and useful practical advises in order to meet goals and grow up as professionals. Based on his large experience and certified knowledge of management, he is the most valuable leader and manager of this fieldl


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