Preston Tighe

Senior Software Engineer
Phone: 214-937-9538

Skilled at ReactJS, Angular, EmberJS, NodeJS, Javascript, GraphQL, Docker, and several AWS services

Open to frontend and full stack web software engineer roles

BS in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University



Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2020 - Present

Building components for multiple Facebook products.
Stack: ReactJS, GraphQL, Hack/PHP, Typescript/Flow, Redux

Sickapps LLC

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2014 - Nov 2020

Malauzai: Building NodeJS APIs for a platform for web and mobile banking. Malauzai
Stack: NodeJS, Typescript, Swagger, Express, AWS, Azure

Rentpath: Built GraphQL APIs for ApartmentGuide and Rent
Stack: GraphQL, ReactJS, NodeJS, Webpack, Typescript, Redux, Nightwatch

project202: Built front end web components for Vindicia and Southwest
Stack: ReactJS, Angular, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS, Webpack, Typescript, Ngrx

Bottle Rocket: Built front end web components for Visible
Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS, Webpack, Typescript, Redux

iOLAP: Built front & back end components from the ground up using very hot tech stacks.
Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, AWS Lambda, Webpack, Polymer, Electron, Redux, Apollo, Prisma

Verizon Cloud Platform: Built front end components for multiple services using React & Webpack. Built out a Node backend API. 

Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, Webpack, Docker, Mobx, CircleCI, Jest, Enzyme

USAPalm: Fully developed the eCommerce platform for a clothing brand USAPalm

Stack: ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS Lambda/DynamoDB, Webpack, Serverless, Shopify

Virtuals IO


Jan 2013 - Aug 2015

An escrow like online marketplace for virtual goods and services. Has a combined 1,000+ development hours. Processed $2 million dollars.

Stack: EmberJS, Docker, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Grunt, AWS, MySQL. More in skills sections.


Southern Methodist University

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science

The University of Texas at Austin

Computer Science


Languages: NodeJS, Javascript, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, MySQL, SQL

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Cloud Formation, EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, CloudFront, ElastiCache, Beanstalk, ECS, Route 53, CloudWatch

Programs: Webstorm, PyCharm, PhpStorm

Project Management: Teams, CircleCI, Trello, Git, Kanboard, Github, Agile/Scrum, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Asana, Zendesk, CI/CD, SDLC, Teamwork

Libraries/Frameworks: ReactJS, EmberJS, Angular, Polymer, Docker, Webpack, Auth0, Jest, Enzyme, jQuery, CodeIgniter, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, CakePHP, Bootstrap, Highcharts.js, Handlebars, Emblem, RabbitMQ, ES6, Babel, Less, GruntJS, Bower, NPM, Graphcool, Prisma, Apollo

APIs: Docker Cloud, Google, MailChimp, Twilio, Wistia, SiftScience, Dwolla, Paypal, Paysafecard, Algolia, Coinbase, IronMQ, Balanced, Stripe, New Relic

Other: Linux, OOP, Big Data, programmer, developer, UI/UX

Past experiences and skills not related to interests omitted.

Last updated: 5/14/2021