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How to setup SSL on Heroku for a Rails Application

Heroku Namecheap SSL Certificate

We recently setup SSL on which is a Rails 3 application running on Heroku. Here is a quick summary of the entire process and hope it saves you some time when you are looking to enable SSL for your Rails application on Heroku.

What is SSL and why do you need it?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is protocol for establishing a secure (encrypted) link between server and the browser. If your app or website is using a database for storing and retrieving user generated information, you need to get SSL to ensure that the data is transmitted securely and to ensure that it is less vulnerable to tampering or forgery.
Also, displaying SSL Seal helps improve trust and it tells your customers that their data is protected.

Adding SSL certificate to your Heroku application

To use SSL for an app hosted on Heroku, you’ll need to enable SSL add-on that Heroku provides. This add-on costs $20/month. Please keep in mind that this is a recurring expense and it does not include the cost of the SSL certificate itself. You’ll need to buy that separately.

Note: If you don’t plan to use a custom domain then you can use the free SSL that Heroku provides – (

Here are the steps that you need to follow to add an SSL certificate to you app –

  1. Purchase SSL certificate
  2. Generate private key and CSR
  3. Provision the Heroku SSL add-on
  4. Upload the key and certificate to Heroku
  5. Update your DNS settings
  6. Update your app code to redirect https instead of http

STEP 1: Purchase SSL certificate

We bought a RapidSSL certificate from Namecheap.

Note: RapidSSL certificate ($10/year) is only valid for the root domain. If you need to secure all your subdomains ( or, you’ll need to buy a wildcard SSL certificate.

STEP 2: Generate Private key and CSR

Before you can activate your SSL certificate, you’ll need to provide a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to the SSL provider.

The first step to generating a CSR is to create a private key. You can use openssl for generating a private key.

On a Mac (install Homebrew first if you don’t have it installed), open up and use the following command.

brew install openssl

On Ubuntu, you can do –

sudo apt-get install openssl

Once you’ve installed openssl, use this command to generate a private key –

openssl genrsa -des3 -out server.pass.key 2048

You’ll be asked to enter a password.

Enter pass phrase for server.pass.key:
Verifying - Enter pass phrase for server.pass.key:

Then run this command –

openssl rsa -in server.pass.key -out server.key

The above command will create a file called server.key in your working directory. We’ll need this key to generate the CSR.

openssl req -nodes -new -key server.key -out server.csr

This is the command that will generate a CSR for you. You’ll be prompted to enter the following details –

  • Country Name: 2 Digit code. This link has a list of all accepted country codes –
  • State and Locality (e.g.: California, New Delhi etc)
  • Organization name (Legal/Registered Name of your company e.g.: Abhayam Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd)
  • Organizational Unit is whichever branch of your company is ordering the certificate (e.g. Marketing Department, Product Development, Software Lab)
  • Common Name – This is the most important part so be extra careful. Common Name is the domain name that you want the CSR (and the SSL certificate) for. Please note that you need to specify which URL you want – www or non-www. You cannot set the common name to and expect it to secure
    For Resumonk, our main URL has www in it and the root url (non-www) redirects to the www url, So the common name we specified was

The previous command would have generated a file name server.csr. Open up that file in a text editor and copy everything inside the BEGIN/END block.

NOTE: The following step is only applicable for Namecheap and may vary for other SSL providers.

Login to your Namecheap account (or any other SSL provider) and navigate to your SSL dashboard – Your Account -> Manage SSL Certificates and click the “Activate” link next to your SSL certificate.

Paste the CSR code that you copied into the text box and fill in the rest of your details. For server name, choose Apache 2.

Important Note: You will have to choose an approver email from the list that is shown. You’ll have options like,, etc. If you don’t have any of these email addresses created, you’ll need to do that before proceeding since Namecheap will send our a verification email to the approver email address.

Once you save all the details, you’ll receive a verification email from Namecheap (to the approver email that you specified earlier) asking you to verify that you want to active the SSL certificate.

After you verify, Namecheap will send you an email with 2 certificates – WEB SERVER CERTIFICATE and INTERMEDIATE CA. Copy both these certificates one after the other into a separate file and save it as server.crt.

Important Note: INCLUDE the BEGIN CERTIFICATE/END CERTIFICATE lines and ensure that there are 5 dashes to either side of BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE. Do not add any extra whitespaces or line breaks.

The final file should look something like this –

[encoded data]
[encoded data]

STEP 3: Provision the Heroku add-on

Now you need to provision Heroku’s add-on. Open up your terminal and cd to your project directory. Then give this command –

heroku addons:add ssl:endpoint

STEP 4: Upload the key and certificate to Heroku

Now add the certificate and private key to Heroku

heroku certs:add server.crt server.key

Here the server.crt file is the certificate we created in the last step and server.key is the private key we generated in Step 1.

If everything worked as it should, you’ll see a screen like

Adding SSL Endpoint to example... done
example now served by

This is the new endpoint URL at which your domain should point.

STEP 5: Update your DNS settings

Login to your domain management panel.

If you already have a CNAME record pointing to, change it to the new URL endpoint (

If you don’t have a CNAME record, you’ll need to add your custom domain to Heroku first. To do that, follow this guide.

Now once the DNS change has propagated (this can take a while), you’ll have SSL activated on your website. Navigate to and you’ll see that the address bar turns green and shows a lock symbol.

Additional Step for Rails apps –

STEP 6: Tell Rails to use the https URL.

You’ll notice that right now, although you have got your SSL certificate to work, you can still access your app without SSL ( You need to tell Rails to use the SSL version by default.

Doing this is really easy, open up production.rb file and add this line –

config.force_ssl = true

That’s it. Now if you try access your website without ssl (, Rails will do a 301 (permanent redirect) to the https version.

One final thing to keep in mind is that if you are using social sign-in (omniauth), you might need to change the callback URL (especially for Google+).

Also check your code for places where you have referenced the absolute URL and change it to https (This usually happens in transactional emails (welcome, password-reset etc) that you send out).

That’s all there is to adding a SSL certificate to your Heroku-hosted app. Let me know if you have any questions.

PS: Resumonk can help you create a beautiful and professional resume in minutes. Try it out and do let me know how we can improve it further.

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Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Interview


Today’s job market is a competitive one. Prospective employers definitely have their pick of qualified, and often overqualified, candidates. There are a number of things you can do to help you perform well in your interview. With a little preparation and some simple follow up, you can greatly increase your chances of impressing potential employers and landing a job.

Get A Step Ahead With Good Research

Before you enter an interview, it is a good idea to research the company that you are about to interview with. What kinds of products and services do they offer? What segment of the market do they cater to? Armed with knowledge about the company, you will better be able to answer interview questions. For example: If a prospective employer asks you, “Why are you a good candidate for this position?” You would tailor your answer in a way that fits what they are looking for. Because of your research, you are aware that your potential employer values employees who take the initiative. Some companies would value a team player more than the person who takes the initiative, and you would answer that question differently if you had that piece of information. There are many questions that are commonly asked during interviews, and it is a good idea to have answers ready for those inquiries. Being prepared for those questions ahead of time will make you seem confident when you present your answers instead of stammering and attempting to come up with a suitable response.

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Write A Winning Cover Letter

Coherent and Organized Resume

When you apply for jobs,employers usually ask for a cover letter alongwith your resume (For a great resume building experience visit Resumonk). A cover letter is nothing but an introduction to your resume and should hence be organized,relevant,customized and nothing short of great. It basically tells the employer why he/she should read your resume, call you for an interview and subsequently hire you. While there are many sites out there to help you with the formatting and content of a cover letter, here are a few basics.

The cover letter usually consists of 3-4 paragraphs:

  1. The opening paragraph is the most important paragraph as the employer forms a sort of first impression of you by looking at it.Its a good practice to mention the place/person from where you heard about the job.It is,however,not a pre-requisite and should be done only in some cases.One should also mention the post he/she is applying for.The employer basically needs to know why you are writing to them.
  2. Next,you mention your relevant skills and accomplishments.Be careful not to make it look like a mini-resume. Write only about your most important skills,accomplishments and qualities.The employer will get to know about you in detail by looking at your resume,hence this is not the right place.
  3. In the final paragraph,mention why you think you’re right for the job.Try convincing the employer but be mindful of keeping it short and attractive.Conclude the letter by directing the employer to the enclosed resume and thanking him/her.

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What is a Virtual Internship And Why You Should Consider Doing One

Resume writing tips for college students

Rahul was worried about his future and was scared when he looked to global meltdowns and cut throat competition of job market. Being unable to secure admissions in IITs or NITs he was worried that not carrying a brand name on his CV will be worsening his chances to get a good job. He came from a small town and was also not having good communication skills which hindered the path of a bright future. Then he discovered that his laptop which has been his soul mate since the starting of his college life can be a solution to all his problems. He started searching about work from home internships about which he came to know from his seniors. After few rejections at last he was able to secure a social media marketing internship and from that point he never looked back and ended in getting a job in a multinational. His parents as well as his friends were amazed by his transformation. The only reason for his success was that he kept the learning process running during his online internships and developed his skills alongside.

So just what are Virtual Internships? Virtual Internship is just like any other internship just that in a VI a student will never have to set foot into an employer’s office. They can complete their internship right from their comfortable couch at home or from their lazy bed in their hostel!

By this get more internship experience on to your profile.Sit in some remote town in India, and intern for the UN or NASA or some NGO in Africa. How cool is that!

So I will discuss what the benefits of doing an internship from home are and what can be its disadvantages (Don’t worry they are very few and can be overtaken very easily).

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