Jack Hartsell

Math Instructor, Data Scientist, Python Developer

Contact Info

Address: Waukegan, Illinois
Website: jackhartsell.com


East Tennessee State University

Master of Science, Mathematical Sciences

2016 to 2018

Thesis: A Normal Form for Words in the Temperley-Lieb Algebra and the Artin Braid Group on Three Strands. Successfully defended on October 31st, 2018.

Advisor: Dr. Frederick Norwood

Committee Members: Dr. Robert Gardner, Dr. Rodney Keaton

External Examiner: Dr. Donald Good

Member of Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Society

GPA: 3.67

Courses taken include:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematics
  • Real Analysis
  • Graph Theory
  • Modern Algebra
  • Topology
  • Knot Theory

East Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Science, Physics

2009 to 2013

Major in Physics with a Minor in Mathematics.

Awarded the 'Learning Experiences in Astronomy and Physics' (LEAP) merit scholarship by the NASA Tennessee Space Grant program and the ETSU Foundation in 2011.

Math courses taken include Linear Algebra, Calculus, Mathematical Logic, Introductory Modern Algebra, and Calculus-based Probability and Statistics.

Physics courses taken include Computational Physics, Thermodynamics with Kinetic and Statistical Physics, Classical Mechanics, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Quantum Mechanics.


Machine Learning


July 2019

An online non-credit Machine Learning course authorized by Stanford University, taught by Andrew Ng.

Verify at coursera.org/verify/NACHRDKMGFV4

Core Database Concepts


August 2019

An online non-credit course authorized by Arizona State University.

Verify at coursera.org/verify/485QZX7E7NR2



College of Lake County

Adjunct Faculty

October 2019 to Present
  • Serving as instructor of record for courses covering statistics, set theory, symbolic logic, graph theory, probability, and finite combinatorics.

Nurturing Wisdom


January 2019 to Present
  • Tutoring high school students in mathematics, geometry, and test prep for SAT and ACT. 
  • Responsible for providing support as a mentor and coach for executive functioning skills.

East Tennessee State University


July 2017 to August 2017, August 2018 to December 2018
  • Served as an instructor for two terms teaching Precalculus II and Trigonometry.
  • Served as a teaching assistant to Assistant Professor Jamie McGill for an accelerated Precalculus I and II term, providing supplementary instruction to students and creating educational materials.

ETSU, Center for Academic Achievement

Math Tutor

August 2016 to May 2017
  • Assisted and instructed students in a variety of subjects including probability and statistics, linear algebra, and calculus.
  • Provided remedial instruction in High School Mathematics.

Matt's Tech Shop

Technician and Customer Support

November 2015 - February 2016
  • Provided customer support regarding technical issues, both over the phone and in-store, with or without presence of the device.
  • Issues included malfunctioning hardware or software, misconfiguration, and malware on Windows and Apple computers, as well as Android and Apple handheld devices, and various models of televisions and console gaming systems.
  • Provided followup consultation to customers regarding scope and nature of technical issues, outlined steps to be taken to prevent them in the future.
  • Updated and maintained SQL database of customer work orders to reflect current status, completion, order dates for parts required, and dates of important communications with the customers.


SEO Consultant

August 2014 to October 2014
  • Completed the first phase of an on-page search engine optimization project with Nightech for their website at metasaver.com, a dynamic e-commerce review aggregation site.
  • Delivered positive increases in search engine rankings for several keywords, resulting in more traffic and thus more customers.
  • Researched, discovered, and exploited opportunities that were missed by their competitors in search engine rankings.

GB Ventures LLC

Digital Marketing Consultant

April 2014 to October 2015
  • Functioned as an SEO and online marketing consultant.
  • Developed a brand presence for their flagship website via paid social media advertisements.

ETSU Department of Biology

Student Worker

October 2011 to May 2012
  • Constructed 3D models of paleolithic life forms using industry standard software (Maya, Blender).

ETSU Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Student Worker

September 2009 to October 2011
  • Duties included basic clerical and administrative assistance.
  • Assisted with research via data collection from academic databases and cold calling.
  • Used Excel to organize and deliver data collected for various projects.


Yelp Review Useful Rating Prediction

January 2017 to May 2017
  • Used Python to build a predictive model of the projected influence of reviews on Yelp.
  • Created inputs for the predictive model via text-mining of reviews.
  • Implemented both Random Forest and Neural Networks for the predictive model, with calculations ran using NVIDIA's CUDA technology as an interface for GPU based computing.
  • Used Tableau for creating presentations of the project's findings.
  • Coordinated project with, and provided results to, a business liaison from Chick-Fil-A, the project's sponsor.

Kaggle - Otto Group Product Classification Challenge


May 2015 to May 2015
  • Created a neural network to better sort products into appropriate categories so that product performance could be more consistently compared with other products of the same category.
  • Placed in the top 25%

Kaggle - Avazu Mobile Marketing CTR Prediction


Jan 2015 to Feb 2015
  • Used machine learning to predict click-through rates of mobile ads given 11 days worth of advertising data.
  • Best answer submitted utilized adaptive learning rate logistic regression with L1/L2 regularization in Python.
  • Experimented with alternative methods utilizing the Scikit-learn, Pandas, and Numpy libraries.
  • Also experimented with using SQL and MongoDB databases instead of the raw .csv file provided.


Departmental Presentation - Analyzing and Predicting Influence of Yelp Reviews

Using text mining to extract inputs for a predictive model capable of forecasting the influence of reviews of restaurants on Yelp.com, and yielding insights relevant to business decisions that influence the quality of service and customer experience.

Technical Strengths

Computer LanguagesPython, SQL, Elixir, JavaScript, Erlang, Go, C, C++, C#, Fortran
Markup LanguagesLatex, HTML, XML, JSON, Markdown
SoftwareMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Suite, Notepad++, Github, Sublime Text, PyCharm
PlatformsLinux, MacOS, Windows Server and Desktop, iOS, Android
OtherPredictive Analytics, Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Data Mining, SQL, MongoDB, Tableau, Docker, Vagrant, VMWare, HyperV, Parallels, VirtualBox, pfSense, openWRT, Raspberry Pi, Relational Databases, NoSQL Databases


Dr. Frederick Norwood

Professor, East Tennessee State University

423-439-6972 / [email protected]

Dr. Robert Gardner

Professor, East Tennessee State University

Department Graduate Student Coordinator

423-439-6979 / [email protected]

Deidre R. Johnson

Learning Services Coordinator, Center for Academic Achievement, ETSU

Office: 423-439-7121

Cell: 423-957-9585 / [email protected]

Jamie W. McGill

Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University

Office: 423-439-6434

Cell: 423-741-3211 / [email protected]

Matthew Graybeal

Owner and Technical Lead, Matt's Tech Shop

Cell: (276) 759-1595