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Andrian Shapiro

Guiding Diverse Massachusetts Real Estate Projects

Address: Boston, MA, US

Andrian Shapiro possesses a juris doctor from the Law Academy of Odessa in the Ukraine and a master’s degree in economics from the Institute of Economics in the Ukraine. Andrian Shapiro launched his career by establishing a chain of successful Massachusetts pharmacies and rehabilitation centers, as well as associated franchising operations.

Currently, Mr. Shapiro is the managing partner of LBC Boston, where he guides an enterprise with a real estate investment portfolio spanning diverse properties, from a youth entertainment complex to early education centers.

A particular focus has been on the city of Quincy, where Mr. Shapiro’s company acquired five properties for $23 million, with a focus on developing new retail, office, and residential buildings. The ultimate aim is to make Quincy Center a vibrant, diverse hub for shopping, dining, and recreation.

Andrian Shapiro has also engaged with Civitis Solutions, Inc. in the sale of the Mass Adult Day Health Alliance. This transaction is described as significantly expanding adult day care center solutions offered through the health and human services MENTOR network.


LBC Boston

Managing Partner

Jan 2003 - Present


Odessa Academy of Law


Sep 2002 - May 2006