Travis Payne

Senior Software Engineer

Phone: (859) 587-2999
Address: Roanoke, VA

I am a passionate professional with a love of bringing real value to any project.

I have a proven background of leadership, success, technical ability and innovation. I possess a broad and deep breadth of technical understanding and ample experience to build upon.


I will not be spending hours on any take home exercise. No exceptions. I am happy to demonstrate my abilities with an interviewer. I have been writing code since I was a kid, and demonstrating technical excellence at a very high level for many years. That said, I will respect your time and I ask that you do the same of mine.



Senior Software Engineer

June 2021 - Present

I work primarily in the data and information architecture of our application.

- I have recently migrated some of our legacy services from a legacy EC2 into AWS EKS deployment. I have also been integrating one of our legacy applications with a new AI service recently developed to integrate with one of our internal applications.

- I am also a primary point of contact for any of our DevOps related questions, as I took ownership of this shortly after joining the company.

- I am currently planning the architecture for the next stage of our application, where we will be adding reusable versioned data layers to enrich the usefulness of our product.

- And so much more (happy to elaborate as needed).


Sr. Software Engineer

March 2021 - June 2021

I am a member of the Carrier Integrations Team at ShipStation I create and maintain integrations between the ShipStaion SaaS and the many mail carriers that we integrate with.

- From the back-end, through the rest api, to the front-end, to the TeamCity Tests, right on through Octopus deployment... I am full stack.

Commonly used technologies: .NET / Kubernetes / AWS Cloud / Docker

Commonly used languages: SQL / PowerShell / JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML / CSS / C# / Python

M-Files Corporation

Software Designer (R&D)

Jan 2016 - Feb 2021

As a member of the AI-Team at M-Files where I worked with all sorts of technologies throughout our stack.

From the C++ server back-end, to the Azure hosted serverless functions, service fabric clusters, traefik web proxy, sql database, application servers and micro-services (C# .NET Core), all the way to the JavaScript / TypeScript / React front-end. As well as the PowerShell / Node / Bash scripts that drive the CI / CD pipeline... I am familiar with them all.

- Working toward securing some of our Azure hosted ASP.NET stateless reliable micro-services.

- Developed the multi-server mode development library / sdk as well as the corresponding documentation (distributed as part of the VAF).

- I was a maintainer / one of the primary contributors for our public NuGet VAF SDK pakage,

Commonly used technologies: .NET Core / Service Fabric / Azure cloud services

Commonly used languages: SQL / PowerShell / JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML / CSS / C# / C++

M-Files Corporation

Software Developer (Advanced Resource Team)

Jan 2014 - Jan 2016

After helping to create the M-Files Advanced Resource Team (ART), I also served as a member / co-lead for the team for two years. During my time in this role I had the opportunity to work on a number of projects ranging from small to enterprise.

Revenue generation:

I created the API Training Courses that M-Files now offers as billable training packages; VBScript (COM), REST, User Extensibility, Vault Application Framework (.NET).

Developer Evangelism:

Served as the host / speaker for developer related course tracks at annual Partner Conferences and events.

Daily Tasks:

Develop and teach M-Files courses, custom solution development, business requirement gathering, internal tool development, database design and business object modeling, solution architectural design, connector development of integrations with various 3rd party software vendors.

Commonly used: SQL / PowerShell / JavaScript / HTML / CSS / C# and VBScript

M-Files Corporation

Systems Specialist

Oct 2013 - Jan 2014

As a technical consultant for M-Files, I would advise clients and colleagues on the architectural design and best practices for M-Files Implementations. I worked primarily on client solutions that required custom development. In addition I worked with management to create the A.R.T. (Advanced Resource Team) that serves as a custom solutions development team within the services department.

Commonly used: SQL / PowerShell / JavaScript / HTML / CSS / C# and VBScript

ITT Technical Institute

Adjunct Instructor

Jan 2012 - Mar 2013

Instructed six courses with a class size ranging from 7-22 students over several sessions; Windows Server 2008 (Administration), Server 2008 (Active Directory), Mobile Communications, Intro to Linux, Linux Administration, Intro to PCs.

Commonly used: SQL / JavaScript / PowerShell / Bash / VBScript


Technical Consultant

Jul 2012  -  Aug 2013

I worked directly with clients to gather and assess business requirements.  I later turned those requirements into well designed solutions. I would then implement the final design into working solutions in order to to drive ROI and streamline various business processes for the clients.

Commonly used: SQL / PowerShell / JavaScript / HTML / CSS / WinForms / ASP.NET MVC4 / C# and VB.NET.

US Army


Mar 2004 - Mar 2012

I proudly served eight years in the military, all the while completing a degree; B.S. Business Administration: Emphasis on IT Management.


Trident University

BS, Business Administration; Information Technology Mgt.

2008 - 2012


MCSA: Web Applications - Certified 2020


February 2020

Exam 486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications


February 2020

Exam 483: Programming in C#


February 2020